Jackson Systems Announces TK-400 Universal Twinning/Paralleling Kit

Jackson Systems, LLC, an Indiana-based, award-winning HVAC manufacturer and wholesaler, announces the TK-400 Universal Twinning/Paralleling Kit. The TK-400 is designed to allow a single thermostat to control two separate HVAC units. The TK-400 can also be expanded to control a total of four HVAC units.

“We saw a need among our clients for a simple product to perform like the TK-400 and were able to quickly develop a solution to this need,” said Tom Jackson, C.E.O. of Jackson Systems. “The HVAC industry now has an easy-to-use product for controlling multiple HVAC units. HVAC contractors will appreciate the simple application with precise control.”

The TK-400 can be used on common or separate ducted systems with single stage (1 Heat / 1 Cool), multi-stage (2 Heat / 2 Cool) and heat pump (3 Heat / 2 Cool) equipment. Only standard 18 gauge thermostat wire is required. Thermostats and HVAC units can be located up to 300 feet from the TK-400 panel. When HVAC units share a common return and supply duct, backdraft dampers should be installed and thermostat fan operation must be set for electric.

Key features of this product include: 
 Easy to install and set-up
 Competitively priced
 Strong Technical Support
 Design assistance available
 All orders shipped the same day
 Free standard shipping
 5 year warranty
 Factory direct to contractors
 Online ordering

This product is available in-stock now and may be purchased online at www.jacksonsystems.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-652-9663.

Updated: July 31, 2008 — 5:00 am

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