WEB Comfort System: Adjusting your thermostat through the Internet

Jackson SystemsWEB Comfort System allows incredible flexibility in adjusting your thermostats via the internet.  After highlighting a specific thermostat in your list, click on the edit button.  A dedicated page is used to adjust your thermostat.

The edit page is broken up into three distinct areas. The first section allows you to name the thermostat or assign a location of thermostat that was created in your groups menu.  The third section is a read only section that allows you to view the current conditions of your thermostat such as the current mode of thermostat and the schedule that is assigned.

The second section is where your editing takes place.  You can quickly and easily change the heat and/or cool set point of your stat in this section.  You can also change your fan from auto to on as well as change your mode of operation by selecting Auto, heat only, cool only or off.

Adjusting your thermostat through the internet has never been easier by using Jackson SystemsWEB Comfort System.

Updated: July 16, 2012 — 9:52 am

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