WEB Comfort: Communicating Thermostat System from Jackson Systems

How many of your customers have asked you if they can access and control their thermostats through a simple inexpensive web browser? If you had to tell them there is nothing like that out there, think again. Jackson Systems has the WEB Comfort System that allows an end user to manage all of their HVAC systems through a simple web browser. This system is low cost and easy to install. The Jackson Systems WEB Comfort Communicating Thermostat System delivers exceptional value by enabling multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout a building or home. The system provides an easy to use web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring and control.

Over the next few months we will have several blog posts on this site regarding the WEB Comfort System. Be sure to check back and learn more about the features and benefits as well as advanced technical information on the WEB Comfort System.

Updated: July 16, 2012 — 9:55 am

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