How to Upsell a Fireplace Add-On

These days, we have remotes for everything, so why not have a remote control for fireplaces? FiresideFriend™ from Jackson Systems is a family of remote controls for gas fireplaces HVAC contractors who work with gas and controls daily will find that these similar products can be easily offered to their customers. FiresideFriend™ remote controls provide convenience and comfort, along with safety and increased energy savings for homeowners.


Millions of homes in the Unites States have gas fireplaces which are not serviced. FiresideFriend™ creates new opportunities for contractors each time they visit a customer’s home, and they also make a great add-on to annual service agreements. The FiresideFriend™ family of remote controls is easy to install, taking only minutes, and allow for high profit margins.


Here’s how to up sell a FiresideFriend™:


  1. When you go to service a client, take a quick look at the fireplace and see if it is gas or wood-burning.

  2. If it is gas, ask the homeowner if they can control their fireplace with a remote control.

  3. If they can’t, explain that the FiresideFriend™ only takes a couple minutes to install and use and are very affordable.


Watch our videos to see how simple the Fireside Friend is to install.


Updated: August 29, 2012 — 2:22 pm

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