How to Sell Zoning

Zoning provides a level of comfort most home owners don’t think is possible. Why don’t they think it is possible? The answer is simple: most homeowners don’t know that zoning exists. Zoning makes sense in almost every home so it is a great service to start selling if you haven’t already.


Start the conversation


The first thing to do is to simply ask the homeowner: Are there hot and cold spots in your house?  Are there spots where you are less comfortable than others? This usually resonates with the homeowner. Oftentimes we hear things like, “I just spent $400,000 on a house and now my upstairs is hotter than the downstairs.”


Now that you have identified a pain, you can explain that there is a solution.


Use an analogy


We recommend relating zoning to something that homeowners can grasp quickly, such as a light switch or car analogy.


The light switch analogy


Ask the homeowner to show you the light switch that controls all the lights in their house, they will most likely look at you like you are crazy. That’s when you can say, “Oh that’s right you don’t have one light switch to control all the lights in your house because it would be silly to turn all the lights on when you are only in one room at a time.” Then explain that zoning works the same way. It gives them the option to control the temperature in the part of the house they are in.  


Now they can easily understand that just like it makes sense to have multiple switches, it makes sense to have multiple thermostats in a home. Why would you need cool a bedroom during the day or living area at night?


The automobile analogy


Most people have been in a car that has dual climate control, meaning the driver can control the temperature where they sit, while the passengers can control the temperature where they sit.


Explain how dual climate control is the same thing as zone control. If their $30,000 car has zone control, wouldn’t it make sense for their home to have the same capabilities?


Honeywell did a third a party survey that found that about 33 percent of homeowners said they would install zoning if they were asked, because most of them reported that they didn’t know it existed. The moral of the story? Never assume a client knows what solutions are available. It is always a good idea to ask. That way, they will know that the solution exists even if they aren’t ready to buy it. And when they are, they will likely call you.


Updated: October 4, 2012 — 3:43 pm

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