Hot Yoga and the Thermostat


Hot yoga is a group exercise that uses heat and humidity to increase an individual’s flexibility with yoga poses. Introduced by Bikram Choudhury, a yogi from India, hot yoga is typcially performed under extreme temperatures and is designed to replicate the conditions of his country, where this trend got its start.

Hot yoga is to be performed at 104-105 degrees Fahrenheit to meet the goals of the exercise program. It is designed to lead to profuse sweating. As you can imagine, maintaining this kind of temperature in a hot yoga studio could be quite the heating challenge.

Jackson Systems has the solution!

Our T-32-P 7-day Programmable Thermostat…/jackson-systems-programmable-3… has become a favorite among hot yoga studio owners because it has an operating temperature of up to 122°F. This is one of the highest operating ranges available without incorporating more expensive and sophisticated digital direct control systems. A separate humidifier with its own controller to add relative humidity optimizes the hot yoga operation.

Yogis interested in the T-32-P can contact us or their HVAC contractor for purchase and installation. Visit us at or call 888-652-9663 to order.

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