Honeywell Lyric App Upgrade for iOS 11

Apple will be releasing iOS 11 shortly. One of the feature enhancements may affect the way you use your Lyric™ thermostats or Lyric cameras in geofence mode.

With iOS 11, you will now have to choose between three Location Services settings for your Lyric app. Previously you were shown the choice of “Always” or “Never.” You will now be shown the option for “While using app.”

The geofencing feature of your Lyric thermostats or camera will only work if your mobile device Location Services are set to “Always.”

If you are currently using geofencing for your Lyric products, you won’t need to take any action – your geofencing will work as normal. If you are currently using a time-based schedule for your Lyric thermostat, however, and you choose to change to geofence-based scheduling, you’ll need to ensure you modify Location Services settings.

To verify or modify your Location Services settings for your Lyric app, open your iOS settings, and within the Privacy section, select Location Services. Scroll to the Lyric app and change your Location Services to “Always.” Doing so will allow the Lyric app to trigger location-based actions like turning your heating and cooling system to “Home” mode or turning your camera to “Privacy Mode.”

Thank you for your patience.

—The Honeywell Home team

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