Honeywell TrueSteam Remote Mounting Kit

With winter approaching contractors will be changing focus from dehumidification to humidification.  Honeywell’s TrueSteam humidifiers operate independently of the HVAC equipment and provides whole house humidification.  The TrueSteam comes in 3 different sizes with different humidification control for a total of 8 different part numbers to choose from.  These 8 distinct part numbers can each take a remote mounting kit.

The 50024917-001 is a 10’ remote mounting kit.  The 50024917-002 is a 20’ remote mounting kit.  The six gallon TrueSteam can only have the 10’ remote mounting kit, while the 9 and 12 gallon TrueSteams can have either the 10’ or 20’ remote mounting kit.  These kits are used for mounting the TrueSteams to a location other than on the supply duct.  Always ensure an uphill flow when installing the remote hose.  If the hose cannot be installed with an upward pitch of 2 2in. /ft., a drip tee must be installed.  The remote hose must be supported to prevent sagging or low spots.  For the drain, allow a continuous down slope to the drain.  Insulating the remote hose in unconditioned spaces will sustain efficiency better than not insulating the hose.


Updated: October 21, 2008 — 5:00 am

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