Honeywell Introduces a Smart Wi-Fi Controller for Ductless Mini-Split Systems


Ductless systems have been used for years in challenging spaces, including room additions, attic remodels, garages and rooms that are too hot or too cold. For these, they are a great heating and cooling solution. But, when it comes to the controls for them, homeowners were limited…until now!

Honeywell has just produced a more sophisticated, smart controller that evens permits scheduling and programming. It also works with the Lyric App to provide away-from-home features. And, it plays with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and some others.

The new D6 Pro Wi-Fi Mini-Split Controller universally replaces most manufacturers ductless handheld controls (over 20 brands, and 100+ models) and offers these desirable features:

  • Simple, wireless installation:
    • No wiring to the unit.
    • Uses IR signal to communicate with mini-split.
    • 24V required.
  • Lyric Platform:
    • Temperature, Mode and Fan Control.
    • Scheduling: GeoFencing or time settings.
    • Auto Changeover
    • Temperature, Humidity and Filter alerts, notifications and reminders.
    • Multi-Split Display: Grouped D6s by outdoor system
  • Flexible Installation: Tabletop or wall mounted
  • On-device Configuration: 6 settings to operate ductless unit.
  • Basic Control: Temperature adjustment and mode change (Heat/Cool/Off)
  • Local temperature detection and control.
  • High Contrast Display: Adjustable backlight.
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons.

Contractors will love the device because of its simplified set-up, fast installation for service upsells. Homeowners will love the familiar, more reliable and accurate temperature control. The fact that it’s a connected smart device is a bonus!

Upgrade every ductless mini-split job to be more comfortable and connected with the D6 Pro Controller by calling 888-652-9663 to order.

Updated: March 13, 2018 — 7:50 pm

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