Honeywell dual fuel wireless FocusPRO thermostats

The Honeywell wireless FocusPRO thermostats are now dual fuel enabled.  Today’s energy conscience consumers are requesting more heat pump and geothermal systems for their homes.  Honeywell’s new wireless FocusPRO thermostats are now able to control these systems due to their dual fuel capability.  The kit contains all the features of the first generation of wireless stats with the thermostat, equipment interface module, discharge air sensor, and now it includes the remote wireless outdoor sensor.  This package can eliminate the need for an external fossil fuel kit, eliminates the running of wires to the thermostat and the outdoor sensor and an optional no balance point for use with geothermal systems or it can be used as a balance point with air to air heat pump equipment.  The models that have dual fuel capability will have a sticker on the product packaging stating “Now with Dual Fuel, requires outdoor sensor C7089R1013”.  The thermostat can either be ordered as a nonprogrammable or a programmable thermostat.

Updated: June 3, 2009 — 10:00 am

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