How Higher Than Normal Levels of Humidity are Rapidly and Significantly Damaging Homes

The changing weather conditions brought on by El Nino , including higher humidity levels, are significantly damaging and rotting homes—inside and out.

When the humidity levels rise outside there is no way to keep it from also entering the home. Too much humidity can cause condensation on windows, wet stains on walls and ceilings, mold, musty odor, and/or a clammy feel to the air. It has the same effect on valuable furnishings.

Controlling the humidity levels in the home greatly influences the comfort your customers will experience, as well as protect health and décor and reduce maintenance. A home will feel most comfortable at humidity levels between 30 – 50%. There is no sure way to keep it within those levels without a humidification system.

Jackson Systems offers an extensive line of whole-home humidification solutions. These solutions will slow down the deterioration of a home’s interior and improve the air your customers breathe. Not to mention it will help protect their precious and valuable art, upholstery and woods like piano’s, antiques, moulding, frames and other home décor with adequate humidification/dehumidification.

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