Guest Blog: “Why Relationships Matter” by Steve Coscia

What do Tom Jackson and I have in common? The answer is passion:

  • We both love what we do.
  • We both believe in the power of relationships.

The two aforementioned attributes translate into customer service excellence because customers would rather buy from — and be served by — passionate people.

Tom Jackson and I met during a recent trek. Investing time with our industry’s finest makes travel more fun. How much fun? The photo tells the story much better than anything I can write. And, this image displays the power of our relationship.

Since August, I have been on the road a lot.  My November and December schedule is mostly in-house. I’ll be writing new online courses. Lots of technicians are earning NATE CEH credits with our online courses. In February, March and April of 2018, I will driving out west – starting on the I-70 corridor. Book your training dates now.  My schedule will fill fast.

In the meantime, you may benefit from Coscia’s Customer Service Training System…you can SAVE MONEY BY DOING IT YOURSELF!  The complete Customer Service Training System for training front-line employees.

This bundle includes:

  • 5 Customer Service Handbooks
  • 6 Audio Lessons
  • Scripting Templates
  • PowerPoint File for Classroom Instruction
  • Complete Lesson Plan
  • Handbook to PowerPoint Correlation
  • 5 Training DVDs for Skill Development
  • Employee Expectations
  • Employee Exam (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Handy Resource Reminder Card

You can learn more here about the Coscia customer service training and the system that has worked for hundreds of contractors already here:

And, stay tuned for more…we have lots to share coming in 2018. Follow us at Facebook for up to the minute news you can use on Coscia Communications Inc.

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