Google Home: Compatible with Many Smart Thermostats

Great blog from Google on:

“How Google Home and the Google Assistant helped you get more done in 2017”

Want to know more about which thermostats are compatible with Google Home, read on:

NestLet’s get the most obvious one out of the way (because Google owns Nest): Google Home will work with the all Nest products including the Nest Learning thermostat, which is a smart stat that allows for you to set timers for your home’s temperature and control that temperature straight from your smartphone from the Nest app. With Google Home, you’ll be able to do all that with only your voice – forget needing to use your phone to control Nest, or even needing to go to the Nest thermostat itself. Now, all you need is your voice.

Honeywell: Not sold on the Nest ecosystem of connected product quite yet? Nest isn’t the only smart thermostat on the block – Honeywell is another option that works with Google Home through SmartThings. While Honeywell’s thermostats may not have as much tech as Nest’s, they do come a little cheaper and probably offer everything most people will need, apart from Nest’s learning features.

ecobeeThe third major smart thermostat company is Ecobee, and it’s a serious competitor. The device is a little smarter than most other thermostats and on par with Nest, however it’s slightly more energy efficient and boasts an innovative color touch screen.

Regardless of your favored smart thermostat, Google Home is more than just a speaker, it’s a dependable hub that can control your thermostat and many other home systems. Check it out here:


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