Google Hardware Solutions to Boost a Stronger WiFi Signal in Homes

As WiFi thermostats and other connected homes products grow in popularity with home and business owners, contractors have to be prepared to offer auxiliary solutions that help with troubleshooting weak WiFi signals.
Two Google products, now being offered by Jackson Systems, can help boost signal strength and minimize buffering for the home automation products used in today’s connected world. They assist with providing problem-free, uninterrupted operation of WiFi thermostats, CO/smoke detectors, cameras, Google Home, IAQ foobot and other “connected home” products installed by the contractor.
Google WiFi Mesh Router: Provides clearest channel and strongest band for online connection anywhere in your house.
Google Chromecast Ultra: Stream up to 4K ultra HD and HDR picture quality over the WiFi network. Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smoother streaming.
Both products offer simple set-up, security features and compatibility with most smart devices.
To order, visit us at or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

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