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Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled weeks of the year. In fact, AAA estimates that nearly 45 million people will travel during this holiday. With that, it puts many homes at risk to break-in’s, system failures and other vulnerabilities. So how can you help your customers? Smart home product sales and installation to start!

Smart home Wi-Fi products, including security systems and cameras, learning thermostats, and water leak and CO/smoke detectors are giving homeowners more peace of mind when they must be away from home. Here are some of the smart products that you can provide your customers to better protect themselves from home invasions or potential disasters due to water or fire:

Nest Protect Home Security System & Outdoor Cams

When it comes to home security, the best defense is a good offense. Thanks to smart security systems like the Nest Protect Home Security System, you can continuously monitor your home when away. This security system, combined with outdoor cameras, provides homeowners a comprehensive live stream of their home on any smart device and will alarm and send notifications anytime it detects touch, motion or sound, as they have programmed it to. And, with built-in recording functionality, if something does happen, you’ll have it all on tape.

LeakSmart & Honeywell Water Leak/Freeze Detectors

Unoccupied homes and frozen pipes are a recipe for water disasters. Pipes freeze for a number of reasons: unexpected quick drops in the temperature, thermostats that are set too low, poor insulation, old age, and other unforeseen reasons. Water disasters can cause a huge and costly amount of damage in a home. But, today, many of these disasters are preventable with the Wi-Fi smart water products that are available.

LeakSmart is hands-down the best protection against home water disasters. LeakSmart valves actually shut off water at the main within seconds when a leak is detected. Its smart app monitors the entire situation, sending notifications at the immediate moment of a leak. Sensors placed in vulnerable areas, like the basement, water heater or washing machine, can help detect smaller leaks at the moment they begin so minor repairs can be ordered before they become major problems.

While the Honeywell Leak and Freeze Detector can’t shut off the water, it will notify the homeowner to a potential water disaster via the Honeywell Home smart app. Getting remote notifications allows a homeowner to call for immediate help.

Wi-Fi Smat Thermostats

Nest, ecobee, White-Rodgers, Honeywell all offer great Wi-Fi smart thermostats with awesome away-from-home features. Apps downloaded to smart phones that can remotely control these thermostats give homeowners access to the HVAC while on vacation or at work…or any time they want it. At the app, homeowners can set, change or program the thermostat from any smart device. That unexpected dip in temperature while away that we mentioned above?…it’s no longer a worry when a homeowner can turn up the thermostat to keep the home warmer and protect against frozen pipes. Smart thermostats can even shut off the HVAC system in the event it needs to—Nest does it automatically should CO be detected via the Nest Protect.

Nest Protect CO/Smoke Detector

Nest Protect is the safest CO/Smoke detector available today! Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm looks for smoke, fast-burning fires, and carbon monoxide. It alarms and “speaks up” from all Nest Protects in the house when there’s a problem. It also sends an alert to your smartphone in case you’re not home. But, not just that, if gas is suspected, it tells the Nest Learning Thermostat to shut off the furnace immediately. They work together to provide the most protection possible.


In addition to the smart product mentioned above, there are ways a homeowner can protect themselves while away from home during the holidays. AAA offers this home security checklist for vacationers. While they all don’t apply, there are some really good tips in here that you can advise to your homeowners:


Are your customers good to go? If not, offer these easy-to-install, affordable Wi-Fi smart options. Jackson Systems wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Updated: November 14, 2018 — 8:42 am

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