The contractor’s plan for success today MUST include home automation products. And, for many reasons. The biggest one is that if you don’t jump on board, someone else will!

Consider these statistics:

  • 42% of new homeowners are millennial–or the “connected generation”–and they are looking for convenience. And, how do they get it? With their smart devices and connected devices!
  • Today, and on average, one in every four homes has at least one connected product, whether it’s a Wi-Fi camera or thermostat or something else. By the end of this year, it is expected to be one in two homes.
  • Home Automation is growing in leaps every year as new products are constantly introduced. It is expected to be a $13 billion dollar market by the year 2020.

It’s hard to ignore statistics like this mostly because there hasn’t been a time before when the HVAC contractor has had a growth opportunity like he or she does today with home automated Wi-Fi connected products as part of their product and service portfolio.

But, we know you are hearing and watching this trend. The HVAC contractors has watched as the “teasing years” of 2015-2017 spoke to them. You know you should get on board, but you’re just not quite sure how. “Is it all too complicated?” you may ask. We assure you, it is not. And, we assure you that if you don’t hop on board, you’ll regret it.

So, how the contractor who only does heating and cooling get started? For an HVAC contractor, home automation can become a new profit center, providing more add-on products to your service calls than anything else. There were few upsells before connected products. Today, you can offer WiFi thermostats that talk to internet hubs (like Alexa or Google Home) that also manage home cameras, CO/smoke detectors, lighting, doors, windows and locks, water sensors and so much more. Opportunity for revenue growth using an “eco-system” of connected home products is boundless. And, consider this, if you don’t sell and install it, someone else will.

And, how is that the HVAC contractor is right person to sell home automation? The answer is simple…you are already in the home as a trusted contractor, you have the unique opportunity to simply ask the question, “do you want fries with that?” What we mean is that WiFi cameras, locks, sensors and other connected products are easy to sell to a homeowner when you are already discussing their safety and comfort. And, installations are even simpler. Most home automation products simply get plugged into an outlet (or already runs off long lasting battery), gets connected to the internet and the installation is complete.

From a consumer’s point of view, connected products make all of the home systems’ operation more convenient, safe and can help save on energy usage. With compatibility to — or already built-in — hubs like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, most operations can be done by the sound of your voice or the swipe of a finger on a smart device.

Home Automation is the biggest trend to hit the HVAC industry in a very long time. And, with continual innovations and affordable prices, connected products are only going to grow in popularity with homeowners. Every day, something new is being introduced…and if they are designed to make consumers home lives less complicated, you can bet your bottom line that they’ll be buying!

Jackson Systems provides more brands of home automation products than any other supplier in HVAC, including Nest, ecobee, Honeywell Home, LeakSmart and more. And, we’ve designed bundles to help you get started. We’ve made it as simple as this: we’ve bundled products that simply connect to power; connect to Wi-Fi; and, BAM! you’ve sold a Home Automation package!

For our comprehensive offering of WiFi thermostats, cameras, sensors, security systems, CO/smoke detectors, water leak detectors and so much more, visit

Updated: May 24, 2018 — 11:11 am

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