Foobot Beats All Others for Effectiveness of Monitoring and Controlling Indoor Air in Laboratory Testing

Recently, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory presented the results of their 2017 study on consumer monitors for residential sources of pollution. The Berkeley’s research team tested seven different monitors and ranked them according to their accuracy and reliability for PM2.5 readings. (PM2.5 readings are often included in air quality reports from environmental authorities and companies. Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is an air pollutant that is a concern for people’s health when levels in air are high.PM2.5 are tiny particles in the air that reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy when levels are elevated.)

Guess which one came out on top? Foobot, Indoor Air Quality Monitor! Foobot ranked more effective than all other out there.

Foobot, distributed by Jackson Systems, is a connected monitor with sensors that constantly measures pollution in your indoor air and takes control of your HVAC devices to clean the air when needed. Foobot’s Smart Home Sensors trigger action from the ventilation, filtration, purification and humidification controls to help you find the best solution for your air quality.

Let’s Talk About Indoor Air

Indoor air quality is a complex problem. Indoor air can be up to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air and when you spend as much as 90% of your time indoors, this can be unhealthy and dangerous for some.

Air pollution arises from many different sources and has traditionally been difficult to track and manage. The good news: Foobot is here as a solution to help homeowners maintain healthier air in their homes.

Here how Foobot helps:

  • Foobot helps you remediate mold
  • Foobot helps you reduce allergies, skin rash and dry eyes
  • Foobot helps reduce dust
  • Foobot helps clean the air of pet dander
  • Works with Amazon Echo, Nest, ecobee, Honeywell and IFTTT

Humans take in 17,000-23,000 breaths every day, according to the EPA. Why not breath in the cleanest air possible with Foobot. For more information on Foobot for your customers, visit

To order Foobot and provide the clean indoor air solutions to your customers, call 888-652-9663.

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