FilterFetch:The ONLY Contractor-to-Homeowner Air Filter Fulfillment Program

Why FilterFetch?

  • You remain top-of-mind every month when filters and filter change reminders arrive to customers.
  • Contractors sell every major brand and size of filter without stocking or delivering a single one!
  • Provides you with a lifelong source of residual income. How? You make a profit fron every filter shipped to one of your customers!
  • It’s a great addition to your service contracts!
  • The FilterFetch app makes it easy to talk about the program and helps your technicians sell it!
  • We do all of the work after you sell the FilterFetch program…and you collect the profits!

How it Works?

  1. You log onto the FilterFetch website and set up an account
  2. During service calls, discuss air filter needs with homeowners with our easy to use APP
  3. Provide homeowners with the unique code for the filter they will start receiving
  4. Techs sign homeowners up to start home delivery of air filters… or the homeowner logs into to purchase and start their air filter home deliveries
  5. We process homeowner’s credit card payment and start shipping the air filters
  6. You get a monthly commission check based on your filter sale profits

Contractors can visit
to get started.

Or, call 888.293.9488 for more information.

Updated: August 1, 2018 — 4:37 pm

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