FilterFetch: The Perfect Product for Shoulder Season

There’s no way for a heating contractor to predict what the weather is going to do in the fall or when the season will change to bitter cold for good so they can get back to business as usual. If there were, we’d all be richer for it. The best a contractor can do is to find those products and services that are going to keep the doors open and the lights on during this time we call Shoulder Season.

Thus, contractors offer seasonal preventive maintenance as a stop gap measure. Fall furnace maintenance has many benefits for consumers, but it is also beneficial for contractors who want to keep technicians busy and a stream of somewhat predictable revenue coming in. So, if PMs are your most valuable service in shoulder season, how do you obtain more of these precious contracts? The most obvious answer is YOU MUST PROVIDE VALUE WITH YOUR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLANS!

Value in HVAC preventive maintenance comes in three forms: price, convenience, and products and/or services. We’re not going to tell you how you should price your contracts, but we can offer a product and service that’s will differentiate your PM from any other…and that is FilterFetch.

FilterFetch meets two needs for value in a preventive maintenance program: convenience and it provides a unique product and service to fulfill your homeowners desire to remain on top of their filter changes. Here’s how FilterFetch provides value for homeowners:

  1. FilterFetch keeps homeowners stocked with air filters with air filter home delivery so they never run out.
  2. FilterFetch sends homeowners timely filter change reminders so they know when it’s time to change the filter.
  3. FilterFetch stores the history of the filter purchases by your homeowner they are sure to always order the right filters at the right time. FilterFetch will alert the homeowner when it’s time to reorder.

And, as valuable a product and service for homeowners, FilterFetch is just as valuable for contractors. Consider these:

  1. FilterFetch helps contractors remain in the filter business without stocking a single filter.
  2. FilterFetch costs a contractor nothing to participate. In fact, FilterFetch is a new revenue source for contractors because we send you the profits from all of the filter sales to your customers.
  3. FilterFetch keeps YOU top of mind with your customers so that when they need a repair or replacement, you are the first person they call.

FilterFetch is a way a contractor can continue with consistent and profitable revenue during the dreaded shoulder season. If you want to learn how you can become a FilterFetch contractor or add it to your PM agreements, visit or call 888-293-9488.

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