FilterFetch Continues to Grow in Popularity Among HVAC Contractors

FilterFetch is more contractors’ choice for replacement air filter delivery for customers. Here’s why:
FilterFetch is a free service that makes it easy for HVAC contractors to sell replacement filters to their customers without the need to stock any filters. Additionally:
• Filters shipped direct from FilterFetch to the customer
• Set your own filter pricing
• Track sales and offer incentive sales spiffs to techs
Additional Features & Benefits:
• Email reminders sent to their customers
• Zero filter inventory for contractors
• 2500+ filter sizes available (including OEM & custom sizes)
• Fast, free shipping to customer
• Toll free homeowner customer support
• Control pricing and track commissions online
• Individual technician codes for sales incentive spiffs
• Order filters on the FilterFetch app for iPhone or Android
View our video to learn how you can use FilterFetch to better serve customers and earn more revenue:

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