Filter Fetch: Making Filters Easy and Profitable for Contractors

Filter Fetch™ is a program that puts contractors back in the air filter business and keeps them there. Through Filter Fetch™, contractors will generate revenue from homeowner filter purchases without the hassle of stocking 2500+ types of easily damaged filters.


Supplying filters can be a hassle for the HVAC contractor. Since filters are easily damaged on the truck, it is unreasonable to expect a contractor to have the right filter and the right size when it is needed. FilterFetch™ is a profitable solution to the hassle of filters.


FilterFetch™ is a free program for contractors. It eliminates the need to have the filters on the truck and to keep an inventory of filters. Here is how it works:


– The contractor signs up for FilterFetch™ on the Jackson Systems website.

– The contractor customizes their Filter Fetch™ account to fit their business needs. Through the online dashboard, contractors can track monthly commissions, control filter pricing, and track technician sales to give incentives.

– The contractor is assigned an individual code.

– Jackson Systems provides the contractor with stickers that can be placed on a clients HVAC unit.

– The contractor will write their contractor code along with the code for the specific filter needed for the unit.

– When the filter needs to be replaced, the homeowner logs onto their contractors personal Filter Fetch™ webpage and insert the filter code.

–  The filter will be sent directly to the homeowner for the homeowner to replace.


In addition to eliminating the hassle of keeping an inventory of filters, Filter Fetch™ makes filter replacement profitable for contractors. Every time a homeowner orders a filter through FilterFetch™, the contractor receives a commission based on the mark up that they set for the price of the filter. Using the service benefits the homeowner as well because the price of the filter is cheaper than buying it from a retailer and more convenient because the filter comes directly to their door and they don’t have to go searching for the correct size every time they need to change a filter.


Filter Fetch™ also helps promote the contractor’s business with email filter change reminders having your logo. The Filter Fetch™ program enables the contractor to keep the relationship with the homeowner ongoing and profitable.


Start using Filter Fetch™ and sign up today.


Remember, if you have any questions today or in the future, Jackson Systems has customer support available from 8-5.

Updated: August 29, 2012 — 2:23 pm

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