Ecobee thermostat, remote sensor and discharge air temperature

Ecobee thermostats now have the capability of adding a Remote Sensor Module (RSM) that enables you to connect up to 4 remote sensors to your ecobee smart thermostat. The RSM is pre-configured to support the following sensors. 

Honeywell C7189U indoor sensor and C7089U outdoor sensor
Tekmar D076 indoor sensor and D079 slab sensor
Johnson Controls HT-6703 humidity sensor 

Other temperature sensors can be supported by just entering the B value or the resistance reported by the sensor at 70°F during the configuration process

What remote sensor would you use if you wanted to monitor the discharge air temperature?  None of the above pre-configured sensors have a high enough operating range to handle the high discharge temperatures, say above 130°F.  Therefore I would recommend using the Jackson Systems Z-600-DAS.  This is the discharge air sensorused on our Z-600 panel.  It is a Type 3 NTC 10k ohm sensor and will work with the ecobee thermostat.  The Z-600-DAShas a resistance value of 11,903ohms at 70°F.  This is the value in need to enter during the configuration process.  The Z-600-DAS has an operating range of 0-180°F


Updated: February 10, 2011 — 10:48 am

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