ecobee Smart Thermostats receive another free software upgrade

Ecobee, the multiple award-winning green technology company that provides energy management products to the residential and commercial markets, has announced their third over-the-air software upgrade.  The Wi-Fi enabled Smart Thermostatcontinues to receive new features and functionality at no additional cost to ecobee customers. Utilizing a seamless process, ecobee has enhanced all of their Smart Thermostats. The new feature set includes:

Additional customized climate periods within the editor feature of the seven day schedule.

Added support for a two-hour manual override.

The ability to program humidity alerts.

Better support and more options for ground source & geothermal heat pumps.

Extra support for steam humidifiers including the ability to allow
humidification with or without a call for heat.

Support for a UV lamp air filter within the HVAC system.

Temporary manual overrides for fan settings.

Random start heat and cool operations for multiple system applications.

“We chose these upgrades by listening to what our customers were requesting” says Stuart Lombard, President & CEO, ecobee. “At ecobee we strive to constantly improve our product and incorporate features relevant to customer needs. We work diligently to offer an outstanding user experience and adhere to our principal of green made easy.”  ecobee has also released a new version of the ecobee iPhone and iPod Touch app for the Smart Thermostat. This app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.

Check out the ecobee demo at

Updated: June 25, 2010 — 4:30 pm

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