Easy-to-Install ‘Smart Home’ Security Systems: NEW FROM HONEYWELL!

Grow Your Business with the Connected Security Solution Homeowners Want

More than ever, homeowners are seeking security solutions that keep them connected to their homes. With Honeywell’s Smart Home Security System, you can expand your portfolio as a whole-home expert without needing to become a security expert. Installation is simple: just plug in the base station, mount the battery-operated cameras, place the door and window sensors, and help the homeowner connect it all through the app. That’s it. Monitoring is handled by the homeowner, so your job is complete.

Easy Installation

Simply place the camera for a view of the area to be protected, then complete the setup through the app. No complicated wiring needed.

High-Quality Video…Day or Night

the camera senses motion and sound. Crisp 1080p HD video clips with full audio are sent to the homeowner via the app. Indoor/Outdoor MotionViewer™ accessories add more quality video options.

Self-Monitoring Solution

Once the system is installed, you’re done. The handy Honeywell Home app gives homeowners complete and easy control for monitoring their homes themselves. Accessories like the Indoor Access Sensor alerts when a window or door is opened. Includes Free Storage: Homeowners will appreciate that the system takes both their security and their privacy seriously. 24 hours of free secure Cloud storage is included.

Upsell Opportunities Options

The variety of accessories lets you increase sales while meeting more customer needs. And, all operate off one app for easier install and sales!

Now available in 3 kit options for any security level: Each kit includes camera and app with smart home integration, plus a range of accessories to meet specific needs.

For more product information and to read about our special offer for first time buyers, visit https://jacksonsystems.com/content/monthly_special

Updated: December 27, 2018 — 10:26 am

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