Duct Mounted Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Jackson Systems is now stocking duct mounted CO sensors.  The new SL-701 detector samples the air stream at the AHU supply or return.  In the event dangerous levels of CO are detected, the SL-701 will shut down the AHU to prevent the spread of harmful gas to the occupied space. The SL-701 CO detector wires similar to the duct mounted smoke detector commercial HVAC contractors are familiar with. 

The SL-701 comes as a kit containing everything you need for installation; 

Duct mounted Co Detector

Sampling Tubes

Remote accessory with audible and LED alarm indications

Mounting template and hardware

For more information on the SL-701, please contact us at 888-652-9663 or visit us online at www.jacksonsystems.com.

Updated: March 28, 2011 — 1:14 pm

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