Diversitech Line Now Available at Jackson Systems

We have recently added to our product offerings to continue to provide the greatest level of selection and ease-of-use for our clients. We now offer Diversitech condensate pumps, Charles Gallo Brand Drain Gun, SwitchCap™ Dual Multi-Value Capacitor and Wet Switch. Diversitech condensate pumps are ideal for use with condensate from high efficiency gas furnaces or boilers. The ClearVue™ model offers variable speed and lift and is floatless. The Charles Gallo Brand Drain Gun uses oil-free, food-grade carbon dioxide to quickly clean condensate drains. Wet Switch Flood Detector is a Solid State device designed to detect the presence of condensate water overflow. Finally, the SwitchCap Dual Multi-Value Capacitor is like two capacitors in one, making it a great truck stock item. The easy-set-switches eliminate the need for jump wire.

We are truly excited to be offering these great products from Diversitech. Click here for more information: Diversitech Products. Or give us a call at 888.652.9663.

Updated: July 23, 2013 — 12:13 pm

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