“Crazy Ants” Invade the Southern United States

s-CRAZY-ANTS-largeThere is nothing that gets my skin crawling more than insects, particularly ants. Now these creepy critters are destroying electronics, including cooling units, in the southern states. A breed of ants indigenous to South America has found its way to the southern United States. These “Raspberry Crazy Ants” are responsible for the destruction of everything from iPhones to laptaps and central cooling units. The ants are attracted to electrical currents. Once the little critter is electrocuted, he emits a pheromone, attracting all of his buddies. The swarm of critters face the same fate, shorting out electrical components.

The really bad news is these ants do not respond to common pesticides. The good news for heating and cooling contractors is a special relay can save those outdoor units. Emerson offers the SureSwitch relay which features enclosed contactors, making them nearly impossible for crazy ants to penetrate. These universal and easy-to-install relays provide you one more way to protect your customers’ investment. Click here for more information: Emerson SureSwitch

Updated: June 17, 2013 — 2:06 pm

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