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Selling Comfort Through Controls

Selling zoning systems and smart thermostats is easier than you might think. Homeowners want to be comfortable and save energy. Zoning systems and smart thermostats provide both of these benefits. And just by observing and asking a few simple questions, you can easily sell comfort through controls.

When speaking with homeowners, analogies to other familiar home appliances and features can help them understand how it works. Explaining to consumers the two zones of a refrigerator, one for fresh food and one for frozen food can be helpful. Or ask them if it would make sense to have only one light switch that turns all of the lights in the house on or off. That is essentially what a single thermostat does with the HVAC equipment. One switch heats or cools the entire home.

When you are in the home, look for finished basements or room additions. These can be areas of comfort problems. Ask your customers if they are interested in lowering their utility bills. Independent tests have shown that zoning systems with programmable thermostats can save up to 30% or more on heating and cooling bills. And who is going to say no saving money?

Another revenue stream for your business is smart thermostats. According to the research firm Nielsen, the United States smartphone market is now 55% penetrated. Consumers are using their phones to control alarm systems and entry to their homes. They are viewing their favorite TV programs and movies. Some apps even allow control of television sets. And the list goes on. So much of our world is connected and consumers are hungry for more. So why not control their comfort from their smart device?

As technology continues to get more sophisticated in the smart device market, it is also happening in the HVAC controls market. There are many thermostats on the market that allow control through any smartphone, tablet or computer and most offer free apps to make this control even easier. And consumers are demanding more. In today’s market, there are so many options for smart thermostats. From basic Wi-Fi controlled thermostats that require no additional equipment to more sophisticated, feature-rich models that provide more control of IAQ equipment, there is an option available for nearly any budget and application.

Offering customers better comfort through HVAC controls is a smart business decision, but it is also a great service to your customers. Sometimes just asking a few simple questions can benefit you and your customers. Happy selling!

New Honeywell Talking Thermostat

TH9320WFVThe new Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 universal thermostat with voice control features voice activated recognition and control, allowing the temperature setting to be adjusted in the home by talking to the thermostat. This thermostat uses “Far-Field Voice Technology”, so it recognizes voice commands from across the room, even in a busy home.

With the same great features as the Wi-Fi 9000, this attractive thermostat lets your customers remotely monitor and manage their home’s comfort and energy usage anytime from anywhere. These aesthetically-pleasing touchscreen thermostats connect directly to your customers’ home Wi-Fi in a few simple steps. The plain language on-screen setup and redesigned terminal blocks mean an easier installation for you. The remote access via any smart device means more comfort control for your customers. And the Cloud-based voice recognition software will automatically update as Honeywell adds new voice commands and other enhancements.
Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 with Voice Control Product Brochure

Redesigned Prestige® Thermostats Available Now in 4 Color Options

New HW ThermostatsThe newly redesigned Prestige thermostats from Honeywell are here! The sleek new design offers a smaller profile, 4 high-gloss frame color options (Black/Black, White/Gray, White/White, Silver/Gray) and a customizable high-definition display with nearly limitless color options for the design conscious customer.

The Prestige thermostat still provides the same easy remote management and self-monitoring diagnostics with email alerts and is perfect for residential or commercial applications. Programming is simplified with an on screen “wizard”. The thermostat asks a few questions then self programs. Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort service lets customers manage their system remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone. RedLINK wireless accessories, such as sensors and comfort remotes, help customers optimize comfort throughout their home or business. The thermostats are in stock now. To place an order to to get a quote, call us at 888.652.9663. For more information about these newly redesigned thermostats, click here Prestige Thermostat.

Product Submissions Available Online

ZoneOneSubmittalThumbnailWe pride ourselves in making it easy to use our products. Whether that’s ease of installation, great technical support or providing the tools you need at your fingertips, Jackson Systems is committed to excellent client service. To make it easier to specify our light commercial offerings, we have recently developed product specification sheets and posted these to our Web site. There are two versions for each product, PDF and Word. All of these specifications can be downloaded at These documents can also be located on each of the specific product pages within the Web site. The Word document version makes cutting and pasting the specifications into your proposal quick and easy, while the PDF versions are designed to be email friendly. Happy specifying!

The Best Wireless Thermostat: Reviews of the Top 3 Contenders

At Jackson Systems, we are all about making life easier for contractors. We figured it would be helpful to provide a quick overview of the 3 best wireless thermostats including what each of them offers and when they might be a good fit. All three of these models are easy to use and easy to install.


Jackson Systems WCT-32


This thermostat has a very small footprint (meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space) for the control module which is only about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. This makes it very easy to mount the control module anywhere near or on the HVAC equipment, making this model a great option for times when space is limited.


This model can have up to 256 wireless thermostats at one location without any chance for cross communication. This is by far more than any other model on the market can offer at one location, making it a great fit for schools, hospitals, nursing homes or any place that has a large number of HVAC systems that need to be controlled wirelessly.


Another great feature is that the control module has an LED display that shows what the control module is doing from a standpoint of what calls are taking place, making it easy for the homeowner and contractor to know if the thermostat is working correctly with control module. It also features the ability to adjust temperature differential between stages, enabling flexibility so that a contractor can tweak the thermostat for specific applications.


The WCT-32 is the most economical wireless thermostat on the market and works as well as any other wireless thermostat, making it a great fit for any job.


Honeywell Wireless Focus Pro


This thermostat has a wide range of models that make it possible to get exactly what you are looking for. This is a good fit for those looking to add accessories such as the portable comfort controller. This controller looks like a TV remote and enables the homeowner to control the thermostat from any room in the house.


It also features a wireless outdoor sensor which monitors the outdoor air temp enabling you to set a low balance point for the purpose of the heat pump application.


The price depends on the configurations you opt for and will vary depending on what accessories you include. There are nine different kits to choose from.


White Rogers 90 Series


This thermostat offers an optional wireless sensor that can be configured for an indoor or outdoor sensor. It is the only model of out of the three that offers this feature. It also has a remote indoor sensor that allows you to take a reading from three different locations and average the temperature of the whole house rather than reading the temp in one location, such as a hallway.


It is also the only wireless thermostat on the market that has the optional choice of duel fuel control with wireless temperature sensors or duel fuel logic programmed in the thermostat. This allows for a low balance point to help heat pumps operate more efficiently when it gets 30 degrees or below. This feature will automatically turn off the heat pump and turn on auxiliary heat.


It is the only wireless thermostat of the three that has humidifier and dehumidifier control. The user sets the level they want to maintain and the thermostat will automatically adjust to maintain that level.
This is the most expensive of the three wireless thermostats, so it is a good option if the features are relevant to the needs of the home.



HVAC Smart Home Technology on the Rise

Last week, the NEWS enlisted Tom Jackson’s industry expertise to join a panel discussion on the rising use of smart home technology and its affect on the HVAC industry. Smart home technology to control a home’s climate remotely has been on the market for years, but increasingly popular use of smart mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, is driving the rising trend.   Homeowners can control temperature, humidity and energy consumption in their homes from anywhere at any time of day. Although Wi-Fi thermostats and controls currently represent less than 5 percent of the market, that percentage is expected to grow to 50 percent by 2015.   


A new product called the Nest Learning Thermostat is adding to the buzz of wireless home controls. Developed by former Apple engineers, Nest is being marketed direct to consumers. The Nest Learning Thermostat  has the ability to monitor from the internet, learn a homeowner’s schedule and use that information to program itself.


Homeowners are increasingly calling on HVAC contractors to deliver in the home automation market. The current customer base is largely homeowners who have more than one residence and want the ability to control their vacation home from their prime residence and vice versa. It won’t be long till the demand reaches the mainstream HVAC market.


We are on board with the rising trend. Our WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System controls up to 1000 thermostats through internet access while tracking energy usage that can be used to create a custom schedule.   


The WCT-32™ Wireless Comfort™ communicates via an RF wireless data link to a relay control module located near the HVAC equipment. 


Our T-32-P™ universal thermostat is compatible most residential HVAC systems and provides web-based remote access when used in conjunction with the Comfort Systems™ zoning systems.

 Check out a complete listing of our wireless and web-based solutions and get ready for the next big thing in HVAC. 

Top 25 FAQ Part II

Here at Jackson Systems, our employees are our most valuable asset. In an effort to round up our 25 top FAQ we thought we’d pull from our in house experts and ask employees to give us the top 5 most FAQ’s with answers included. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Mike Lee, Account Manager

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

Mike’s favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems is the opportunity to build relationships with our clients and provide those clients with great customer service and the best controls in the business.

FAQ #6:  Why do you sell thermostats from other manufactures?

We provide products that our clients want and need.  Certainly we’d love to sell our Jackson Systems thermostats to our clients, but we understand they may have a specific need for other manufacturers’ products or have an application that requires something that our thermostats can’t do. As a company, we want to be able to provide any controls that our clients may need.

FAQ #7:  When will you have a universal touch screen?

Our universal touch screen will be available in summer 2012.

FAQ #8:  Do you have thermostats that dehumidify?

We carry several thermostats that assist with dehumidification by using the A/C to dehumidify beyond set-point. If true humidity control is needed in a home or business, humidifiers or dehumidifiers are the only means to address concerns with humidity beyond what is capable with the traditional A/C equipment. We offer several thermostats that can control humidifiers and dehumidifiers as well as the full line of humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Honeywell.

FAQ #9: What wireless zoning options do you have?

The WCZ-600 wireless zoning system allow for up to 6 zones to be controlled with wireless dampers and wireless thermostats.  It is important to remember that wireless zoning means wireless communication. Power must still be supplied to the dampers since we haven’t figured out how to transmit electricity wirelessly yet. We also have options that allow for wireless thermostats from other manufacturers if wireless thermostats are needed, but the WCZ-600 is the only wireless zoning system.

FAQ #10:    Does Jackson Systems have a thermostat that can be accessed via the internet?

Yes, the WEB Comfort™ system is a thermostat management system that can be accessed via the internet and can provide control of all the thermostats in a building, school, etc.




Top 25 Most FAQ: Part One

At Jackson Systems, our employees are our most valuable asset. In an effort to round up our 25 top FAQ we thought we’d pull from our in house experts and ask employees to give us the top 5 most FAQ’s with answers included. To help you get to know the wonderful talent that makes Jackson Systems run, we’re sharing their answers and introducing some of our talent.


Kristie Birch, Marketing Director

Favorite thing about working at Jackson Systems:

Her favorite thing is the opportunity for continued learning and growth. She also loves the crazy group of people she works with (good crazy, of course).

Favorite industry catch phrase:

Contractor: Have you changed the filter?

Homeowner: I didn’t know it had a filter.

FAQ #1: What are the minimum quantities for thermostat imprinting?

Twelve of one type is the minimum. Or you can get two different types of thermostats with a minimum quantity of six, which would be twelve in total.

FAQ #2: Do you have any products that will allow control of a single zone?

Yes, the Zone One™ can be used to control a single room, or by using a number of dampers, it can be used to control multiple rooms. The Zone One™ is a control damper assembly designed to solve overheating and overcooling problems. The simple wall mounted control makes it easy to adjust the temperature. The diffusers can be two-position or fully modulating and can be used in drop ceilings to provide draft free room conditioning.

FAQ #3: Do you offer a low cost alternative to an ERV for fresh air that meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard?

Yes, The VCS meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard. The Ventilation Control System, or VCS, is a low cost fresh air control system designed to improve residential indoor air quality. This is accomplished by introducing fresh air through an intake damper controlled by the VCS logic panel. This ventilation control system is easy to adjust and can also be wired to control an exhaust fan.

FAQ #4: I have a church that does not have set scheduling. Does Jackson System have a way for them to control their heating and cooling equipment from a remote location?

Our WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System is an excellent solution for this application. This system delivers exceptional value by enabling multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout the building or home. Each WEB Comfort™ is enabled for Internet connectivity and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard Web browser. This system wirelessly connects with each thermostat through a secure ZigBee mesh network that allows each thermostat to act as a repeater within the network. The no cost Web portal provides access to all thermostats, grouping capabilities and reporting.

FAQ # 5: I have an application with five hydronic valves that we need to control open/close and there is no place to run wiring. Does Jackson Systems have a solution?

The WR-400 Wireless Relay Kit is your solution. It contains two 4-channel transceivers. The base module has three transmitting channels and one receiving channel. The satellite module has three receiving channels and one transmitting channel. Each transceiver module uses a redundant transmission protocol for fail-safe protection.


2011 Indiana Innovation Awards

Jackson Systems from Andrew P. Quinn on Vimeo.


Jackson Systems is proud to be the recipient of a 2011 Indiana Innovation Award. Founded in 2011 by the Greater Indy Innovation Roundtable, the Indiana Innovation Awards annually honor the state’s most innovative new products and services.

Jackson Systems won the 2011 Indiana Innovation Award for the WCZ-600 Wireless Comfort Zoning Panel. The WCZ-600 Wireless Comfort zone control system is a six zone, two-position, forced air zone control panel offering the latest in wireless thermostat and wireless damper technology to reduce energy costs. The WCZ-600 allows consumers ease of installation and the ability to specify heating and cooling levels for specific zones.

“We are truly honored and excited to be named one of the inaugural recipients for the Indiana Innovation Awards. We are proud to be an Indiana company with a deep tradition and culture of innovation throughout our organization. We were thrilled to have the efforts from many of our employees recognized by the judges. We hope to continue to grow and develop innovative products for the global HVAC market while staying firmly rooted in our Indiana home,” says Kurt Wessling, Director of Sales at Jackson Systems, LLC.


Meet the Cash Cow!



Its been a long time coming, and we are happy to introduce everyone to Jackson Systems’ Cash Cow and Cash Cow family of products, designed to save you money!

The Wireless Comfort Family is the perfect cash cow for contractors by allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competition, assisting you with projects that were once too costly or impractical. At the same time, the Wireless Comfort Family allows you to make a nice profit and keep your clients comfortable.

Comfort System thermostats are the perfect products for every contractor to stock on their vans and in their inventory. The T-21-P and T-32-P thermostats can handle any application at a fraction of the cost. They are also guaranteed reliable with a 5 year warranty and support from some of the best in the business. Great features – Great price!

Want to put the Cash Cow to work for you? Visit to get your free Cash Cow Kit. The Cash Cow Kit is full of information and the tools you need to promote your company.

Also, if you plan on attending Comfortech in Indianapolis next week, stop by booth #408 and meet the Cash Cow in person! Life is better with the Cash Cow.

Jackson Systems Introduces WEB Comfort™

Jackson Systems, LLC, is proud to introduce the WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System.

The Jackson Systems WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System delivers exceptional value by enabling multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout the building or home.  The WEB Comfort™ system provides an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring and control.  Each WEB Comfort™ is enable for Internet connectivity and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser.

Jackson Systems WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System provides individual temperature control coupled with energy monitoring and cost savings by upgrading stand-alone thermostats to a powerful building management system.  Providing intelligent energy management, the WEB Comfort™ system helps create more comfortable occupants and a greener planet, along with reduced energy costs.

The WEB Comfort system now also features newly-designed transceivers that are integrated into the WEB-T32P communicating thermostats.

More information about the WEB Comfort™ Communicating Thermostat System can be found online at or by calling 888-652-9663.



New feature for the WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat

Many contractors are familiar with Jackson Systemswireless thermostat, the WCT-32.  The wireless thermostat is a no hassle, easy installation thermostat that does not require you to run wires to the thermostat.

We have now upgraded the WCT-32 Wireless Comfort Thermostat. The new feature provides the contractor with being able to turn off the upstage option. This is very beneficial in geothermal applications.   This will allow you to run your first stage geothermal heat longer and without a forced upstage to your auxiliary heat.  You still have the option of using a timed upstage to advance to the auxiliary heat after so many minutes if needed.

The WCT-32 Wireless Comfort Thermostat keeps getting better!

If you would like additional information on Jackson Systems' WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat, please call us at 888-652-9663

Jackson Systems announces 2011 Training Schedule

Jackson Systems has released their training schedule for the first two quarters of 2011.  All of the training classes will take place at Jackson Systems in their training room from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

  1. Honeywell Training for Contractors
    Tuesday, February 22nd
    New Products
    Class taught by Tom Giorgio of Honeywell
  2. ecobee Training for Contractors
    Thursday, March 3rd
    Class taught by Jay Cress of ecobee
  3. Belimo Training for Contractors
    Thursday, March 17th
    Class taught by Don Everson of Belimo
  4. Intro to DDC for Contractors
    Thursday, April 14th
    NATE Certified
    Class taught by Joe Jackson of Jackson Systems
  5. Jackson Systems Wireless Zone Control for Contractors
    Thursday May 5th
    Class taught by Phil Kimble and Mike Holscher of Jackson Systems

Contractors can RSVP for any training class by visiting RSVP forms will be available approximately three weeks before each training.