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Redesigned Prestige® Thermostats Available Now in 4 Color Options

The newly redesigned Prestige thermostats from Honeywell are here! The sleek new design offers a smaller profile, 4 high-gloss frame color options (Black/Black, White/Gray, White/White, Silver/Gray) and a customizable high-definition display with nearly limitless color options for the design conscious customer. The Prestige thermostat still provides the same easy remote management and self-monitoring diagnostics with […]

“Win or Just Participate?” Courtesy of Greg McAfee

Contrary to political correctness, Americans remain quite competitive and have a strong desire to win. It starts when our children are young, be it in Little League or any other competitive environment. Even if we are unwilling to keep score, and even if everyone gets a trophy or a blue ribbon for participating, the real […]

Meet Jaymie Hunkler, Jackson Systems Account Manager

Meet Jaymie Hunckler, account manager with Jackson Systems. Jaymie joined Jackson Systems in March of this year. She spends her time here providing solutions to her clients and ensuring Jackson Systems is providing exceptional client service. When not juggling 10-1/2 month old twins, Jaymie is an avid DYI-er who loves music and the outdoors. Click […]

UT32 Titan Touchscreen Thermostat

In an age where the needs and priorities of home and building owners vary it can be difficult for contractors to deliver exactly what their client needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to thermostat that contractors can pick and choose which features fit the needs and priorities of their clients, nothing less and […]

Thermostat Recycling Corporation Posts 28% Increase in Thermostat Recycling in 2010

Outreach, legislation, and strategic partnerships contribute to the recovery of 1,878 pound of mercury. May 10, 2011 – The Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC), an industry-funded non-profit, today announced a 28% increase in its overall collections in 2010. With the support of over 3,600 HVAC wholesale distributors, HVAC contractors, local governments, and retailers acting as collection […]

Braeburn 6100, 6300, and 6400 thermostats

By Mike Holscher Braeburn has introduced their new family of programmable touchscreen thermostats.  These new thermostats from Braeburn consist of three different models.  The models are the 6100, the 6300, and the 6400.  The Braeburn 6100 is for 1heat/1cool.  The Braeburn 6300 is for 4heat/2cool.  The Braeburn 6400 is for 4heat/2cool with humidity control. All […]

New feature for the WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat

Many contractors are familiar with Jackson Systems’ wireless thermostat, the WCT-32.  The wireless thermostat is a no hassle, easy installation thermostat that does not require you to run wires to the thermostat. We have now upgraded the WCT-32 Wireless Comfort Thermostat. The new feature provides the contractor with being able to turn off the upstage […]

Wireless Thermostat

Jackson Systems has a new wireless thermostat, the WCT-32 Wirelss Comfort.  Below are some of the great features present in the WCT-32 Wireless Comfort thermostat. WCT-32 Wireless thermostat  1)      The WCT-32 consists of a thermostat and an HVAC Module. 2)      This thermostat and module are made in the U.S.A 3)      Single stage, Multistage, and heat pump […]

High Temperature Thermostats

Residential and commercial thermostats come in all shapes and sizes.  These thermostats also have many different features and benefits.  A question we sometimes get is “which thermostat can be used in high temperature applications or hot temperatures”.  Two things must be considered for high temperature applications: Control range (or setpoint range) and operating ambient temperature […]

Jackson Systems wins ACHR NEWS Dealer Design Award

Jackson Systems, LLC was recognized for excellence in product design in the 6th annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine. An independent panel of 30 contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 114 entries from different industry brands. The company’s Z-2000-T Zone Control Thermostat was […]

New JSU tests are now available

Jackson Systems has expanded the Jackson Systems University online education program. JSU Certifications are now available for the T-32-P Universal Thermostat and the WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat. As previously posted, the JSU certifications work in the same function as the Zone Control Certifications. Simply visit to begin the coursework. Once you have reviewed the course material, you are […]