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Jackson Systems Celebrates 20 Years of Quality People, Products & Performance

At Jackson Systems, our people are our greatest asset – we say this with good reason. The passion of our people to serve you is what has generated our long-term contractor relationships, some for over 20 years. At every step, our employees dedicate themselves to giving you the best buying experience and most support possible. Jackson Systems invests in its employees to expand their knowledge in the industry of HVAC, zoning and home comfort by conducting continuous education and professional development. In return, our employees are able to sell with knowledge and authority, and contribute significantly to our goals and to those of our customers. Read more here:

Jackson Systems knows that the right products win – with contractors, homeowners, and building owners – and for us! “Highest quality possible” are not just words we use to describe our products, we believe it is the only acceptable solution for our customers. At our facility, we closely manage every aspect of product development from concept to production to shipping, assuring you are always getting the highest quality thermostats, dampers and zoning products you and your customers expect and deserve…on time!

The performance of our products has earned Jackson Systems many awards, moreover, it has earned us trust from the contractors who use them. All across America, Jackson Systems products have provided maximum comfort and helped create more efficiency for difficult to heat and cool living and work spaces. “Dependable, easy-to-install and long lasting” best describe our products. Whether it’s a single thermostat you need or a complete zoning system, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of Jackson Systems products!

#20years doesn’t happen by accident…it takes a commitment to total customer satisfaction. If Jackson Systems sounds like the kind of supplier you desire for your thermostats, zoning systems, and other HVAC solutions, call us and we’ll answer…with quality people, products and performance!

Building an Effective Web Site

There are many factors that impact the usability of a Web site. From the look of the site to how easy it is to navigate, can impact a customers decision to do business with you. Also remember, effective Web design is judged by your customers, not you.

When designing (or redesigning) your site, you first must determine what you want users to get from the experience. This will guide the look and information you include on your site. Also keep in mind, customers using the Internet tend to want information quickly, so be clear and make the information easy to understand.

Don’t get cute with fonts. It is easy to litter a site with too many different fonts. San serif fonts work the best. Try to not use more than 3 fonts in your site to keep it simple.

Navigation is key. This determines how people move around your site. Use breadcrumbs (links at the top of the page to navigate users back to a particular page), arrange content into sections, keep menus simple and easy to understand.

Finally, studies show people scan computer screens in an “F” pattern, first viewing the top and left of the screen. Use this natural behavior to cater to your customers.

There are many great Web site building tools available online, so you don’t have to be a designer or a coder to create a beautiful and usable site. Take queues from the sites you visit often and don’t be afraid to make changes if you are not getting the results you expect. Happy Web site building!

Jackson Systems Offers Solution for “Zoning the Impossible”

Zoning is becoming more and more popular in the residential and commercial markets. In residential applications, accessing duct work can present a challenge in existing construction. When bonus rooms and room additions are considered, there may not be duct work running to these areas.

The Motorized Zone Register (MZR™) from Jackson Systems is a low-cost, rugged, metal, motorized zone register designed to work with most forced air zone control systems. It can also be used as a stand-alone register with a wall-mounted thermostat to eliminate over-heating and over-cooling in bonus rooms, sun rooms, guest rooms and basements.

This easy-to-install zone register allows zoning to be installed in almost all residential applications. It is designed to fit most register boots and comes in many sizes, most in both tan and white. There is also a polymer version available for side wall installations.
The MZR is a standard register with a 24VAC spring open/power close actuator. It uses standard gauge thermostat wire (plenum-rated wire may be required if running through duct work.)

The MZR can be wired to a stand-alone thermostat for control of the register in single zone applications, or it can be wired to a zone panel and for multiple zone applications. Up to 6 Motorized Zone Dampers can be connected to a single zone.

The MZR is another innovative solution from Jackson Systems designed to make zoning easier and more profitable for HVAC contractors. For more information, visit or call is at 888.652.9663.

Selling Comfort Through Controls

Selling zoning systems and smart thermostats is easier than you might think. Homeowners want to be comfortable and save energy. Zoning systems and smart thermostats provide both of these benefits. And just by observing and asking a few simple questions, you can easily sell comfort through controls.

When speaking with homeowners, analogies to other familiar home appliances and features can help them understand how it works. Explaining to consumers the two zones of a refrigerator, one for fresh food and one for frozen food can be helpful. Or ask them if it would make sense to have only one light switch that turns all of the lights in the house on or off. That is essentially what a single thermostat does with the HVAC equipment. One switch heats or cools the entire home.

When you are in the home, look for finished basements or room additions. These can be areas of comfort problems. Ask your customers if they are interested in lowering their utility bills. Independent tests have shown that zoning systems with programmable thermostats can save up to 30% or more on heating and cooling bills. And who is going to say no saving money?

Another revenue stream for your business is smart thermostats. According to the research firm Nielsen, the United States smartphone market is now 55% penetrated. Consumers are using their phones to control alarm systems and entry to their homes. They are viewing their favorite TV programs and movies. Some apps even allow control of television sets. And the list goes on. So much of our world is connected and consumers are hungry for more. So why not control their comfort from their smart device?

As technology continues to get more sophisticated in the smart device market, it is also happening in the HVAC controls market. There are many thermostats on the market that allow control through any smartphone, tablet or computer and most offer free apps to make this control even easier. And consumers are demanding more. In today’s market, there are so many options for smart thermostats. From basic Wi-Fi controlled thermostats that require no additional equipment to more sophisticated, feature-rich models that provide more control of IAQ equipment, there is an option available for nearly any budget and application.

Offering customers better comfort through HVAC controls is a smart business decision, but it is also a great service to your customers. Sometimes just asking a few simple questions can benefit you and your customers. Happy selling!

12 Technical Rules of Thumb for Installing Zoning

1. In most cases, it will not be necessary to modify the duct sizing when installing a zoning system.
2. It is good practice to size the smallest zone to handle approximately 25% of the system CFM.
3. Never undersize ductwork.
4. Upsizing registers in the smallest zone to the next larger size should be considered.
5. You can double the rated CFM of a register before it starts to get noisy.
6. Two-stage equipment is always a better choice.
7. It is always better to slightly undersize the HVAC equipment than to oversize it.
8. Never locate a thermostat in a hallway.
9. Dampers should be installed at least 2 feet away from the plenum, when possible.
10. Always use a separate 24 volt transformer to power the zone panel. Do not use the equipment transformer.
11. Always tag wires, especially from dampers and thermostats.
12. Some basements may require setting the zone thermostat in the auto mode during the cooling season due to cold walls, uninsulated ductwork or leaking ductwork.

For more information on our zoning products, visit

12 Technical Rules of Thumb for Installing Zoning

1. In most cases, it will not be necessary to modify duct sizing when installing a zoning system.
2. It is a good practice to size the smallest zone to handle approximately 25% of the system CFM.
3. Never undersize the ductwork.
4. Upsizing registers in the smallest zone to the next larger size should be considered.
5. You can double the rated CFM of a register before it starts to become noisy.
6. Multi-stage equipment is always a better choice with a zoning system.
7. It is always better to slightly undersize the HVAC equipment than to oversize it.
8. Never locate a thermostat in a hallway.
9. Dampers should be installed at least 2 feet away from the plenum when possible.
10. Always use a separate 24 volt transformer to power the zone panel. Do not use the equipment transformer.
11. Always tag all wires, especially from dampers and thermostats.
12. Some basements may require setting the zone thermostat in the auto mode during the cooling season for the following reasons: basement walls are cold as a result of being underground, uninsulated ductwork located in the basement acts as a cooling radiator, ductwork leaking air, cold air falls.

For questions about zoning or for a quote on a zoning system, call us at 888.652.9663.

Zoning Selling Tips

zoning floor plan
1. Look for finished basements, add-on rooms or other additions where comfort may be a problem
2. Ask homeowners if there are particular areas in the home that are too hot or too cold.
3. If the homeowner is seeking a second system for their home, zoning may be a more cost effective option.
4. To help customers understand zoning, explain how their refrigerator has two separate zones, one for fresh foods and one for frozen foods.
5. Challenge homeowners to imagine a home with only one light switch that can only turn the lights on or off for the entire house. With a single-thermostat forced air system, they have to condition all of the air to condition any given space. Just like having one light switch to control all of the lights in the house.
Look for future posts on technical tips for installing zoning.

Tips for Growing Your Business

I am always reading and searching for information and new knowledge. Recently, I read a great article from the Small Business Administration with tips to grow a standout small business. I found that their Web site has a lot of great information for new business owners, as well as seasoned professionals. Here is a link to “10 Tips to Help You Build and Grow a Stand-Out Small Business Brand”. This really covers some of the basics, but is also a great reminder for those businesses that are already thriving. Enjoy!

HVAC Business Boot Camp Open for Registration

build-your-businessIf Greg McAfee can do it…in Dayton, Ohio, you can too! Greg made an investment of $274.00 and worked to become the leading HVAC service provider in an area that’s been deemed one of the ten worst places to do business in the United States, Dayton, Ohio. Learn how he went from his humbling beginnings to a growing multi-million dollar company.

And now, Former Marine Greg McAfee and his Team are ready to share their knowledge, systems and quality practices with HVAC Business Owners and managers. There is an early bird discount for registrations made by February 14. Click here for more information or to register: HVAC Business Boot Camp

“Win or Just Participate?” Courtesy of Greg McAfee

Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consultant

Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant

Contrary to political correctness, Americans remain quite competitive and have a strong desire to win. It starts when our children are young, be it in Little League or any other competitive environment.

Even if we are unwilling to keep score, and even if everyone gets a trophy or a blue ribbon for participating, the real winners know who they are. In the end, somebody comes out on top.

Did you get into business to just participate or win?

Certainly, success requires a desire to climb higher, to achieve, and to come out on top. In order to win and dominate your territory, there are certain skills you must have:

Be a risk-taker.
It’s impossible to win in business without taking healthy, carefully calculated risks. For instance, ten years ago, we did what some would have considered bordering on insanity and dropped all name brands from our product line. Today, we are a successful company with our own private label, and we’ve never looked back.

Leaders must set the vision.
Once this vision is determined, drive, ambition, and commitment are needed to achieve it, and great people must be hired to help fulfill it. My goals and dreams are shared, and then I rely on others to figure out the details as to how it all works.

You must become dissatisfied with status quo.
Nothing new will happen with your business unless you are dissatisfied with how it is currently running. When you set goals, do you continue to meet and raise them, or are you satisfied with the ease of hitting them? At McAfee, we set our goals for the entire year, but we revise them monthly, and rarely do they stay the same.

Some people are happy staying in a motel and enjoying the comfort of it all, while others want to own the motel. Which one are you?

Carry On!


Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant

Hottest Profits for Warm Weather Marketing

By Adams Hudson

Many HVAC contractors make the bulk of their yearly profits during the burst of warm weather months. Why? Because they can sell more expensive air systems, offer maintenance agreements, and benefit from higher traffic of service and demand calls.

But if you sit around and wait on the weather, your competition will be closing the sales you never even had a shot at. Get busy with warm weather marketing to make the phone and cash registers ring. There are exactly three ways for you to make more money:

1.   Sell more often;

2.   Sell for more money; and/or

3.   Sell to more people.

That’s it. Sorry to not have anything more complicated to share with you, but if you take your eyes off simplicity, you’ll probably just bury yourself in lengthy to-do lists that don’t get done — and quite frankly don’t need to be done. Simple is best.

For your fast track to greater warm weather profits, consider these five top warm weather lead generators:

1.   Maintenance agreements (MA) toward equipment upsales. The smartest contractors have maintenance agreement customers to serve all spring, and that’s fantastic. On average, one in 24 MA customers (according to our research) will need additional repairs or equipment. Advice: Train your techs exactly what to look for, what to say, and how to present the upsale. If your techs don’t sell equipment, train them on what to look out for before they call your salesperson: older equipment, repairs over $500, problematic leaks, or other red flags for replacement.

2.   Maintenance agreements toward IAQ. This is another huge yet untapped opportunity for techs. While performing the tune up, a cursory view inside the return air will lay the most important foundation for an IAQ sale. Have techs introduce the need and either call the IAQ salesperson, try to sell it themselves, or present a “leave behind” that tells the homeowners the ills of impure ductwork. This is a free marketing opportunity, and if you’re missing it, you are walking by wads of money in the street.

3.   New customer newspaper ads. Finance ads do well in warm months. If you’ve got a “Six Month No Payment” ad, you can push payments until well after your customer has saved a ton of money on utility bills throughout the summer. This single focus for sales and marketing is among the strongest of the seven basic direct response-type ads that I have for spring. I also like validated rebate ads. (Validated just means you’re not saying “$500 back” without justification. Give a reason and you’ll get more response.)

4.   Your Yellow Pages ad. If yours renews this season, have it redesigned for leads. Don’t mess around with pictures of all your vans or your company name dominating the top of the ad (bad idea). Get it to pull leads since that’s presumably why you’re paying through your nostrils for it in the first place. Hey, it’s your most expensive ad, and it lasts a year! Make it pay you back.

5.   Customer retention program. If you scoff, “Ha! I don’t have a retention program, and I don’t need one,” then I say your attitude means you don’t care too much about customer relationships. Your customer translates feelings toward the relationship into loyalty, or the lack thereof. No relationship equals no loyalty. Your competition is excited about your hopelessly shallow customer assessment. Why? Because 55 percent of your customer turnover is walking out for someone who doesn’t share your attitude.

Here’s to wishing you a profitable spring!


Check out for more information about products that will save you time and money this busy season.

Jackson Systems announces 2011 Training Schedule

Jackson Systems has released their training schedule for the first two quarters of 2011.  All of the training classes will take place at Jackson Systems in their training room from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

  1. Honeywell Training for Contractors
    Tuesday, February 22nd
    New Products
    Class taught by Tom Giorgio of Honeywell
  2. ecobee Training for Contractors
    Thursday, March 3rd
    Class taught by Jay Cress of ecobee
  3. Belimo Training for Contractors
    Thursday, March 17th
    Class taught by Don Everson of Belimo
  4. Intro to DDC for Contractors
    Thursday, April 14th
    NATE Certified
    Class taught by Joe Jackson of Jackson Systems
  5. Jackson Systems Wireless Zone Control for Contractors
    Thursday May 5th
    Class taught by Phil Kimble and Mike Holscher of Jackson Systems

Contractors can RSVP for any training class by visiting RSVP forms will be available approximately three weeks before each training.

Jackson Systems wins ACHR NEWS Dealer Design Award

Jackson Systems, LLC was recognized for excellence in product design in the 6th annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine. An independent panel of 30 contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 114 entries from different industry brands. The company’s Z-2000-T Zone Control Thermostat was the Bronze Winner in the Commercial Controls category. The ACHR News is the leading trade magazine in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.

News Publisher John Conrad stated, “These awards give us a unique opportunity to recognize the outstanding research and development efforts that go into many of the products serving the HVACR industry and the awards issue gives our readers an opportunity to read about innovative installation and service solutions.”

“Our team here at Jackson Systems is extremely excited to win another Dealer Design Award this year”, says Tom Jackson, C.E.O. of Jackson Systems. “This honor confirms our commitment to the contractor by manufacturing quality controls that are simple to install and service. The Z-2000-T and the complete Z-2000 commercial zone control system is a great alternative to expensive and complex VAV systems, with the best part being there is no setup or laptop required.”

Winning entries in the Dealer Design Awards were featured in the July 12, 2010 issue of The ACHR News, which is distributed nationally to over 33,000 HVACR contractors, wholesalers, and other industry professionals.


New JSU tests are now available

Jackson Systems has expanded the Jackson Systems University online education program. JSU Certifications are now available for the T-32-P Universal Thermostat and the WCT-32 Wireless Thermostat.

As previously posted, the JSU certifications work in the same function as the Zone Control Certifications. Simply visit to begin the coursework. Once you have reviewed the course material, you are ready to take the test. The exams are all multiple choice questions and a passing score of 80% is required to become certified.

Remember, being JSU certified is just another simple way for you to set yourself apart from the competition. Become certified on the T-32-P Universal Thermostat, Zoning or all of JSU programs – It's your choice!

Videos now available on Jackson Systems Interactive Catalog

A few weeks ago, we posted information about Jackson Systems Interactive Catalog. This condensed catalog is a great tool to keep up to date on the latest products from Jackson Systems. Now, as an additional bonus, you can watch product videos straight from our interactive catalog. We will continue to make product videos and post them to the product pages. And of course, we will keep you up to date on when a new video is posted. So keep your eyes open for upcoming blog posts from us!

This month's videos: Z-600 and Z-2000 Zone Control Systems

Also, we are currently working on Volume 13 of our catalog. There are a lot of new and exciting products that will be announced in the upcoming volume. So to keep up to date of the catalog release date, subscribe to our blog today and be one of the first customers to see what Jackson Systems production team has been up to!

Comfort System 6-Zone Universal Zone Control Panel

The Comfort System™ Z-600™ is a versatile 6 zone control board for residential and commercial zoning applications.  The system can be expanded to as many as 12 zones by adding 3-zone expansion panels.  The Z-600™ can be used with single stage, multi-stage or heat pump equipment up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool.  The panel also has a built in duel capability to handle your challenging heat pump with fossil fuel auxiliary heat applications.  Simple slide switch configuration allows a wide range of system setup and control options best suited for each zoning application.  The Z-600™ is a position zone control system that can accommodate two wire or 3 wire dampers.  Additional features include fuse protected inputs and outputs, easy-to-read and access wiring terminals, LED status indication of all system functions, time delay override, adjustable on-board limits, outdoor balance point control for duel fuel applications, and selectable ventilation and purge modes.  Capacity control can also stage equipment based on the number of zones calling.

For more inforamation on Jackson Systems' Z-600™, please visit us at or call 888-652-9663