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A Family Affair

Tom Jackson discussed the challenges of running a family business on the Blog Talk Radio show, “It’s a Family Affair.” In case you missed it, here is a recap of the discussion: Jackson Systems is a little different than most family owned businesses. Tom didn’t inherit his father’s business. He helped start it. In 1997, […]

A Greener Indiana?

A community of like-minded people, dedicated to making their state a better place to live- that’s what is all about. Indiana has a bad track record in the “green” state ranking, ranking near or at the bottom in recent years. A Greener Indiana is an online community, full of member blogs, events, discussion groups- […]

Who’s Got The Best Idea?

Jackson Systems is proud to be sponsoring one of ACCA’s most popular events at this year’s conference, the “I’ve Got An Idea!” session. During this session, contractors share their best ideas for making their businesses better. Moderating this event is Vince DiFilippo of DiFilippo’s Service Company, who’ll be handing out cash for the best ideas! […]

New Year, New Look

2012 is a big year for Jackson Systems; we celebrated our 15th anniversary on January 2nd. Founded in 1997 by the father-son team of Ron and Tom Jackson, we’re very thankful for the success we’ve had since then. “For 15 years, Jackson Systems has had a simple mission; provide the best quality and most contractor-friendly control products and […]

Thermostat Recycling Corporation Posts 28% Increase in Thermostat Recycling in 2010

Outreach, legislation, and strategic partnerships contribute to the recovery of 1,878 pound of mercury. May 10, 2011 – The Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC), an industry-funded non-profit, today announced a 28% increase in its overall collections in 2010. With the support of over 3,600 HVAC wholesale distributors, HVAC contractors, local governments, and retailers acting as collection […]

Jackson Systems Welcomes New C.O.O.

Jackson Systems, LLC, is proud to welcome Carl Kasten as Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) to our team. As C.O.O., Carl will be responsible for the operations in most areas of the company, including Information Technology, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. Additionally, he will play a vital role with Jackson Systems’ Sales and Marketing teams, especially […]

Cause and Effect

This article is provided by Matt Michel. Our Shetland Sheepdog, Humphrey Bogart, likes to herd things and to protect the house. It's instinctive. Unfortunately for Humphrey, we don't keep sheep or cattle in our backyard and the squirrels and rabbits have learned to keep their distance. So what's a Sheltie to do? Chase aircraft! We […]