Braeburn Thermostats: The Economical Choice

For a basic thermostat, Braeburns are a great option. Braeburn thermostats are a contractor favorite when they need something easy for customers to operate. Temperature limits can be set and the two-step setpoint limiting process ensures that they will stay in effect. This makes them a great option for rental properties, apartments and/or hotels to help control energy usage and costs.

Braeburn’s wide range of thermostats from the simple mechanical controls to touchscreen models:

  • The 1000 series models are non-programmable thermostats for conventional and heat pump systems that can be powered by batteries or hardwired into the HVAC. Features include large display, adjustable temperature limit and permanent memory retains settings. This is the least expensive thermostat series by Braeburn.
  • The 2000 series are basic programmable single stage models for controlling simple furnace/AC systems. With adjustable temperature limits, filter check reminders, compressor short cycle protection and adaptive recovery, these economically-priced thermostat are perfect for the value-conscious customer who wants a little more from their thermostats.
  • The 5200 series models can be used for modern two stage heating and cooling systems. They have a large bright blue backlit display, making them easy to read, even in the dark. These thermostats retain user settings and have an adjustable recovery mode. Keypad lockout prevents accidental changes. The unit meets Energy Aware® and California Title 24 standards for energy use.
  • The 6400 model is a universal touchscreen model for 7-day or 5/2 day programmable for up to 4H/2C conventional and heat pump systems. Other features include:
    • Auxiliary heat fossil fuel option
    • Programmable fan operation
    • Temporary override limits
    • Separate residential and commercial modes
    • Built in economizer control
    • Auto or manual changeover
    • Humidification and dehumidification control
    • SpeedBar® multi-function button
    • Adjustable temperature limits
    • Indoor (5390) and outdoor (5490) remote sensing
  • Finally, the 7320 BlueLink control is a premium thermostat with optional Wi-Fi control via smartphone, tablet or PC using the free BlueLink Smart Connect Application. Compatible with Braeburn wired remote sensors and our Share-A-Wire™ module for easy installation. A Common “C” wire is required.

All Braeburn thermostats are backed by their 5-year warranty. And, all Braeburn thermostats can be imprinted with your logo and phone number when purchased at 6 or more quantity. For more on this valuable service, exclusively from Jackson Systems, visit

For a look at our comprehensive offering fo Braeburn thermostats, visit To order, call 888-652-9663.

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