Be in the homeowner’s house every day

How can you possibly be in the homeowner’s house every day, you ask? Well…. Imprint your thermostats! (A.K.A. Private Labeling) Having your logo and phone number on the thermostat(s) in the home will increase your chances of getting a phone call for repairs, maintenance or general questions. Why pass up on such an easy chance at business?

It is also said that the average homeowner moves every seven years. Guess what stays in that home for the next homeowner to see and use? The thermostat! Another chance for you to get a new customer.

We imprint thermostats for free through our private label program at Jackson Systems. We carry lots of thermostats and allow you to mix and match models. Contact us to get started today.

Updated: July 16, 2012 — 9:29 am

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