ACCA’s Operation 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, working in the HVAC industry you’ve surely heard of ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America)! ACCA is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to helping contractors succeed in their businesses. They offer valuable training and technical resources, as well as legal and marketing resources. Led by volunteer contractors, ACCA devotes their time to make the industry a stronger place for everyone.

Due to extensive growth of the organization, ACCA has outgrown their headquarters, and needs our help revamping their office to accomodate for this growth! ACCA’s Operation 2020 is geared towards raising money to complete these improvements, and as they say, “Every dollar we raise to accomplish these much-needed construction improvements is a dollar from our treasury that can go right back to working for the contracting industry.”

For more information on ACCA’s Operation 2020, visit

Jackson Systems is a proud contributor to ACCA’s Operation 2020 Campaign, and Ring of Gratitude member.

Updated: September 7, 2011 — 8:18 am

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