ACCA Releases “Understanding Electricity”

ACCA Releases “Understanding Electricity”
Computer Video Training in Basic HVAC Electricity

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), the largest organization of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors, has released the latest in its popular series of computer-based training packages known as “HVAC Essentials.”

The latest package is entitled “Understanding Electricity” and explains the basic information necessary to properly understand, install and service the electrical circuits commonly associated with HVAC equipment.


Understanding Electricity” is a 5-CD set, each part taking 1-2 hours, allowing users to move at their own pace as they learn this vital part of HVAC installation and servicing. Taught by presenter Jack Rise, each video session is presented in plain English, with lots of real-world examples that make the necessary principles easy to learn and apply. Each CD also contains appropriate handout materials.

A brief excerpt of the training may be viewed online at (Excerpts are also available there for the other packages in the “HVAC Essentials” series.)

The five CDs in “Understanding Electricity” are:

  • Part 1 – Atoms, Current Flow & Circuits
  • Part 2 – Relays, Contactors & Motors
  • Part 3 – Ohm’s Law, Series and Parallel Circuits, & Meters
  • Part 4 – Schematic Diagrams, Electrical Service Panels, & Compressors
  • Part 5 – Power Distribution and Electrical Safety

The “HVAC Essentials” CD sets comprise a full-featured training library that is available whenever you are. Other packages in the “HVAC Essentials” series include:

  • Understanding Manual J (Residential Load Calculation)
  • Understanding Manual D (Residential Duct Design)
  • Understanding Manual N (Light Commercial Load Calculation)
  • Understanding Manual Q (Low Pressure, Low Velocity Duct Design)
  • Understanding Section 608 (Refrigerant Handling)

To learn more information, view excerpts, and purchase any of these packages, visit  They may also be purchased by phone at 888-290-2220.

For over forty years, ACCA has served the nationwide educational, policy, and technical interests of the small businesses who design, install, and maintain indoor environmental systems. For more information, visit

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