A Greener Indiana?

A community of like-minded people, dedicated to making their state a better place to live- that’s what agreenerindiana.com is all about. Indiana has a bad track record in the “green” state ranking, ranking near or at the bottom in recent years. A Greener Indiana is an online community, full of member blogs, events, discussion groups- much like what you would find on other social networks, offering information and education on a variety of environmental topics. There are over 2000 Hoosiers on the site! Jackson Systems even has an event listed: our Energy Workshop, presented by HomeChek.
What resources or initiatives does your state have? Many Hoosiers have united to protect and improve the environment of our state; check out some of the great online resources below to see what you can do to help.


Hoosier Environmental Council


Earth Day Indiana

Not from Indiana? We’d love for you to share what groups and programs are available in your state, too!

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