5 Reasons Why Zoning Is Good for Your Bottom Line

Anyone who has ever shared their home or office space knows the great thermostat debate. We all have different ideas of what comfort means, and so does your customer. One of the best things about being in the HVAC business is providing people solutions to make their lives more comfortable. Zoning is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this.


Zoning gives your customers the ability to control the temperature in different parts of the house or business using a single unit. Every zone has its own thermostat, so the temperature can be adjusted according to the preferences of the person using the space.


Zoning isn’t just a win for comfort. It is a win for your bottom line. And you will be a hero to clients who no longer have to fight over thermostat settings.


Here are the top 5 reasons that zoning is good for your bottom line:




Zoning provides your business with another profit channel outside the day to day maintenance needs of clients. Next time you are servicing a client, especially those with larger homes or businesses, mention the benefits of zoning. You may be surprised that they did not know that zoning was an option. There is a wide margin between the cost of buying the zoning equipment and selling it to your customer. You will make a good profit and the customer will still be getting value that exceeds the price.




Installing a zoning system is relatively easy compared to installing other pieces of equipment. With less labor, the job can be completed faster than more labor intensive jobs. This means you are making more money in less time.




Zoning is a great product to offer clients during the off season. Many contracting businesses have to cut hours during periods of less extreme temperatures when demand is down. The demand for zoning does not depend on the time of year. Zoning can help keep your employees working on a regular basis year round.




Stay competitive without cutting your prices. When a consumer is considering which contractor to hire, they want to know how well the contractor understands their needs and how qualified the contractor is to complete the job. By proposing solutions such as zoning that other contractors are likely to miss, you stand out as an expert to the consumer. Even if they don’t end up buying zoning, they will likely hire you for the job.




Few people know that zoning is an option, and therefore don’t expect the level of comfort zoning provides. The benefits of zoning often exceed customer expectations. Happy customers love to spread the word to friends, neighbors and families and when they do- there is a good chance they will mention the name of the contractor that brought them the solution.


Updated: September 11, 2012 — 3:47 pm

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