3 Ways Contractors Can Better Serve Property Managers

Reliable and expert HVAC contractors are crucial to the success as landlords. On the flip side, if you are a contractor and lucky enough to sell and service Property Managers, you know that they usually result in longstanding relationships that can be critical to your growing revenue and success.

Jackson Systems supports the efforts of contractors who serve property managers with our solutions for second homes. These solutions provide what property managers want most from contractors and we suggest those are:

  • Price and energy savings
  • Quality and reliability
  • Referrals and reviews

We don’t directly deal with property managers so you may ask why do we care? It’s because we can help you, the contractor. Our products are sold direct-to-contractor and support all three objectives to help you better seal the deal with property managers.

Price and energy saving solutions

The better the solution — and how little it will cost — is most important to property managers when considering an HVAC repair or replacement. If you tell them you can save them money, they will jump on board. Solutions like the Nest learning thermostat or ecobee4 smart stat are perfect for landlords or those who have second homes used as vacation rentals.

These WiFi thermostats are perfect with their “away-from-home” features to monitor the heating and cooling system. Look at the temperature of your second home anywhere from any smart device at any time…and change it, if necessary. Nest actually “learns” (and relearns) occupancy patterns of the home and programs itself to provide the most efficient heating and cooling.  The ecobee4 smart thermostat can be controlled via smart phone or iPad or laptop and programmed to provide heating and cooling as needed. Integration with Amazon Echo allows even more convenience and control.

Quality and reliability

The last thing a property manager wants to deal with is a broken air conditioner or thermostat that is not working properly. Both cost them – and their home or building owners – money that they don’t really want to spend. While price is always the primary consideration for repairs and replacements, high quality, reliable products provide the value most property managers desire. All Jackson Systems products and solutions come with excellent warranties. Buy the same product at a big box retailer and you may not get that warranty.

Referrals and reviews

Finally, we all prefer recommendations from family, friends or others you have served to choosing a contractor blindly from the Yellow Pages. To get business from Property Managers, be sure to keep your REVIEWS up to date. Ask for them from current customers. Post them on your social media pages. Blog about them. This is your greatest resource for new business.

And, if you are considering a supplier for your smart devices and other controls, check out our reviews. Jackson Systems is preferred by many contractors as a direct-to-contractor supplier of controls, including thermostats of all brands and operation, home automation and connected homes solutions, zoning systems, specialty controls and so much more. We even have a program for air filter delivery for contractors, called FilterFetch.  https://jacksonsystems.com/content/filterfetch.

Jackson Systems supports the efforts of contractors to serve property managers with our high quality, highly reliable products and solutions. To learn more about Jackson Systems, visit www.jacksonsystems.com.

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