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Braeburn Wi-Fi Thermostats on Sale Now!

Here’s the deal…

Buy 3 Braeburn BlueLink Thermostats, Get the 4th One Free!

Thermostats included:

Braeburn 3 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump, 2 Heat / 2 Cool Conventional Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat

7205: The Braeburn BlueLink 7205 is a unversal wi-fi thermostat.  The wi-fi app is available on virtually any smart phone, and the thermostat wi-fi works without a common wire when used on conventional HVAC equipment.  Features include:

  • 7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable
  • Large 3 sq. in. Back Display
  • Bright Blue Backlight
  • Auto or Manual Changover
  • User and Installer Lock Modes
  • SmartLimit Temperature Limit
  • Ausiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Option
  • Hardwire or Battery Powered
  • Circulating Fan Mode

Braeburn 3H/2C Heat Pump, 2H/2C Conventional, Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat

7305: This affordable multi-stage model is compatible with conventional and heat pump systems up to 3H / 2C. Use the free BlueLink Smart Connect Application for optional Wi-Fi control via smartphone, tablet or PC. Compatible with Braeburn wired remote sensors and Share-A-Wire™ module. Features include:

  •  7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable
  • Large 5 sq. in. Backlit Display
  • Bright Blue Backlight Display
  • Auto or Manual Changeover
  • Residential or Commercial Modes
  • Adjustable Temperature Limits
  • Wired Remote Sensing
  • Auxiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Option
  • Hardwire or Battery Powered
  • Programmable and Circulating Fan Modes
  • Auxiliary “A” Terminal for Economizer, Fresh Air or Output Control
  • Common “C” wire required to use Wi-Fi

Braeburn Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat

7320: The Braeburn Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat is compatible with conventional and heat pump systems up to 3H/2C. Optional Wi-Fi control via smartphone, tablet or PC using free BlueLink Smart Connect Application. This thermostat is also compatible with Braeburn wireless or wired remote sensors. Features include:

  • Up to 3H/2C heat pump and 2H/2C conventional systems
  • 7 day, 5-2 day or non-programmable
  • Large 6.5 sq in display with bright blue backlight
  • Auto or manual changeover
  • Residential or commercial modes
  • Adjustable temperature limits
  • Wireless or wired remote sensing
  • User selectable service monitors
  • Auxilary heat fossil fuel option
  • Hardwire or battery powered
  • Humidification and dehumidification control with wireless sensor model 7330
  • Auxiliary “A” terminal for economizer, fresh air or output control
  • 5-year warranty

Universal Wireless Thermostat Kit

7500: The Braeburn Universal Wireless Thermostat Kit with BlueLink comes with 7, 5-2 day or Non-Programmable 3H/2C features. The Kit includes Thermostat, Control Module and Supply Air sensor. Up to 3H/2C Heat Pump or up to 2H/2C Conventional. Features include:

  • Up to 3H/2C Heat Pump and 2H/2C Conventional
  • 7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable
  • Large 5 Sq. In. Backlit Display
  • Auto or Manual Changeover
  • Residential or Commercial Modes
  • Battery Operated for Total Installation Flexibility
  • Compatible with 2 or 3 Wire Hydronic Zone Systems
  • Auxiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Option
  • Programmable Fan Control
  • R and C Terminals for Optional 24 Volt Operation
  • Adjustable Temperature Limits
  • Multi-Level Keypad Lockout
  • Superior Wireless Range
  • Battery Life Exceeds Virtually All Competitive Models
  • Includes Supply Air Sensor for Default Temperature Control Even if Batteries are Drained
  • Connect up to 4 Optional Wireless Indoor Sensors for Remote Temperature Sensing
  • Optional Wireless Outdoor Sensing for Outdoor Temperature Display or Balance Point Control
  • Optional Wireless Humidity Plenum Sensor for Whole-House Humidification Control
  • Affordable Solution for Most Thermostat Applications

See them here:

Promotion valid through 12/31/18. Call 888-652-9663 to order (mention promo code 18BB1FREE when ordering).

Learn what makes Braeburn different at this On-demand webinar:

Topics Include:

  • Braeburn Bluelink Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats
  • General Overview-Product Offering
  • Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Obstacles
  • Competitive Overview

To order, call 888-652-9663

Winter’s Dry Air and It’s Awful Side Effects

Are your customers complaining of any of the following dry air symptoms:

  • Crepey, Dry Skin?
  • Nose Bleeds?
  • Chronic SoreThroat?
  • Excessive Static Electricity & Shocks?
  • Dry or Extra Stuffy Nose?
  • Bleeding Fingers and/or Cuticle Tears?

Tell them not to worry…they probably don’t have a problematic medical condition. They’re more likely to simply suffering from poor humidification control in their home. The solution? A Honeywell TrueEASE furnace-mounted humidifier.

There are many options for humidification with portable systems – from the warm mist ones to ultrasonic versions to evaporative models. While these will do the trick, they are very inconvenient to operate, clean and change. Worst of all, they need constant attention to maintain. That’s why we recommend a Honeywell TrueEASE furnace-mounted system. Unlike portable humidifiers that are only effective in the rooms they’re in, a TrueEASE whole-house humidification system is installed out of sight with the central heating and cooling system in the furnace closet but covers the entire home with warm, humid air, as needed.

What makes this system even more convenient and effective is that a whole-house humidification system only runs water and air through the system when humidity is needed, cutting water waste up to 30% and saving energy by eliminating the constant cycling of air.

The whole house TrueEASE humidifiers by Honeywell are loaded with homeowner-friendly features that set it apart from most others. A TrueEASE humidifier automatically fills itself, and the replacement pads can be easily accessed for a quick “slide-out” pad replacement…no disassembling the humidifier or calling the contractor in order to change it. The “Change Pad” indicator light on the front alerts exactly when replacement is needed.

If you hear that your customers are suffering from symptoms of winter’s dry air, install a Honeywell TrueEASE humidification system and you’ll have one happy, healthier customer.

For more information on Honeywell TrueEASE humidification systems, visit or call our Customer Service Engineers at 888-652-9663 for your best recommendation.