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The Nightmare Before Christmas

There is never a good time for a damaging water leak, but homes are especially vulnerable around the holidays because so many are left alone.

When homeowners leave “over the river and through the woods” for holiday visits, they should be able to leave with peace of mind that the home is protected from unexpected incidents of frozen pipes, broken water heaters or washing machines, leaking HVAC,  or other sources. You can pray it never happens, but why not make sure it doesn’t…with LeakSmart!

How it Works

LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system for a home or business. Not only does it detect a leak as soon as it starts, it stops it in less than 5 seconds!

LeakSMART provides complete protection from water leaks. LeakSmart works by first installing a valve on your water main. The LeakSmart Valve connects directly to the water main supply and automatically shuts off the water in less than five seconds in the event of a leak.

Sensors around the home are connected to the LeakSmart Hub and receive alerts via LeakSmart App. The sensors detect leaks and monitor temperatures in the home. Up to 32 sensors can be added. For the best protection, sensors should be installed at the most high-risk areas, including washing machines, water heaters, basement, bathrooms and HVAC system.

Powered by ZigBee, protection is guaranteed 100% of the time—even if the Internet and power are down. A LeakSmart Range Extender is available to boosts signal strength of the sensors. Simple plug and play operation of the range extender is all that is needed. It’s perfect for those homes or offices larger than 6,000 square feet.

The LeakSmart Hub communicates between the sensors, valve and homeowner. Again, the hub continues to work even if the power is out. Installation is so simple: simply plugs into your router and an electrical outlet.

Install Outdoors

LeakSmart can be used indoors or out. An outdoor valve enclosure is 100% waterproof and completely tamper-proof. It’s properly vented to handle temperature fluctuations and extreme heat. It may be installed horizontally or vertically and fits ¾, 1, 1-1/4, and 2-inch installations.

Smart Home Integration

LeakSmart works on its own or with other smart home platforms including Nest, SmartThings, Wink and Iris and coming soon, it’ll integrate with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Comcast and Google. What this means for the homeowner is better protection when away from home. They’ll be prompted immediately via all Apps if a leak occurs. In that case, they’ll also be able to turn off the heating and cooling system through the connected thermostat.


LeakSMART is the single, best solution for leak and flood protection. It’s capacity to detect leaks as soon as they start and shut the water main off immediately, makes them a ‘must-have’ for every home or business owner who wants to avoid the costly disasters that a frozen pipe or malfunctioning home system can create.

Want to learn more about LeakSMART? View this on-demand webinar…watch when it is most convenient for you! and

To order LeakSMART technology for your customers, visit



America’s Recycles Day

November 15th is America’s Recyles Day. But, for Jackson Systems, every day is #AmericaRecyclesDay! We’re a thermostat recycling collection site as part of #ThermostatRecyclingCorporation (TRC), a national nonprofit network of over 3,600 mercury thermostat collection sites. TRC has recovered more than 10 tons of mercury since its inception in 1998.
Read more about the good works of National Recycle Day (Nov. 15) here:



The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself to help save energy–then pays for itself. It can  be controlled from anywhere with the Nest app. With seven different ring colors, there is a model that fits in with any home’s decor. And, it works with the Nest Temperature Sensor to provide the right temperature, right where it’s wanted (sold separately).

Customers love the new Nest Thermostat’s sleek design and its ability to learn and program itself. You’ll love it because you only need to carry one model on your truck. Nest automatically adapts to most HVAC systems and turns on system-specific features.

Only $174 for Nest Pro Contractors. Call 888-652-9663 to order. Sales ends 11/30/2018. Limit: 40


Good to Go!

Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled weeks of the year. In fact, AAA estimates that nearly 45 million people will travel during this holiday. With that, it puts many homes at risk to break-in’s, system failures and other vulnerabilities. So how can you help your customers? Smart home product sales and installation to start!

Smart home Wi-Fi products, including security systems and cameras, learning thermostats, and water leak and CO/smoke detectors are giving homeowners more peace of mind when they must be away from home. Here are some of the smart products that you can provide your customers to better protect themselves from home invasions or potential disasters due to water or fire:

Nest Protect Home Security System & Outdoor Cams

When it comes to home security, the best defense is a good offense. Thanks to smart security systems like the Nest Protect Home Security System, you can continuously monitor your home when away. This security system, combined with outdoor cameras, provides homeowners a comprehensive live stream of their home on any smart device and will alarm and send notifications anytime it detects touch, motion or sound, as they have programmed it to. And, with built-in recording functionality, if something does happen, you’ll have it all on tape.

LeakSmart & Honeywell Water Leak/Freeze Detectors

Unoccupied homes and frozen pipes are a recipe for water disasters. Pipes freeze for a number of reasons: unexpected quick drops in the temperature, thermostats that are set too low, poor insulation, old age, and other unforeseen reasons. Water disasters can cause a huge and costly amount of damage in a home. But, today, many of these disasters are preventable with the Wi-Fi smart water products that are available.

LeakSmart is hands-down the best protection against home water disasters. LeakSmart valves actually shut off water at the main within seconds when a leak is detected. Its smart app monitors the entire situation, sending notifications at the immediate moment of a leak. Sensors placed in vulnerable areas, like the basement, water heater or washing machine, can help detect smaller leaks at the moment they begin so minor repairs can be ordered before they become major problems.

While the Honeywell Leak and Freeze Detector can’t shut off the water, it will notify the homeowner to a potential water disaster via the Honeywell Home smart app. Getting remote notifications allows a homeowner to call for immediate help.

Wi-Fi Smat Thermostats

Nest, ecobee, White-Rodgers, Honeywell all offer great Wi-Fi smart thermostats with awesome away-from-home features. Apps downloaded to smart phones that can remotely control these thermostats give homeowners access to the HVAC while on vacation or at work…or any time they want it. At the app, homeowners can set, change or program the thermostat from any smart device. That unexpected dip in temperature while away that we mentioned above?…it’s no longer a worry when a homeowner can turn up the thermostat to keep the home warmer and protect against frozen pipes. Smart thermostats can even shut off the HVAC system in the event it needs to—Nest does it automatically should CO be detected via the Nest Protect.

Nest Protect CO/Smoke Detector

Nest Protect is the safest CO/Smoke detector available today! Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm looks for smoke, fast-burning fires, and carbon monoxide. It alarms and “speaks up” from all Nest Protects in the house when there’s a problem. It also sends an alert to your smartphone in case you’re not home. But, not just that, if gas is suspected, it tells the Nest Learning Thermostat to shut off the furnace immediately. They work together to provide the most protection possible.


In addition to the smart product mentioned above, there are ways a homeowner can protect themselves while away from home during the holidays. AAA offers this home security checklist for vacationers. While they all don’t apply, there are some really good tips in here that you can advise to your homeowners:


Are your customers good to go? If not, offer these easy-to-install, affordable Wi-Fi smart options. Jackson Systems wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

“Take 5” Minutes to Go Above and Beyond

A cool concept one of our sales representatives learned about while visiting a contracting business this week was a program they call “Take 5.” Take 5, in this contracting business, means that technicians are to take five minutes away from their task at hand to go “above and beyond” before, during or after a call and do something special for the homeowner they aren’t expecting.

An example of a Take 5 would be to carry a shovel on the truck and shovel a pathway from the driveway to the front door. Another example provided was if it is trash day and the bin is still curbside, bring it up from the street. Some techs have helped disconnect hoses if they see that it hasn’t been done yet this late in the season. And, some check the CO/smoke detectors batteries for their Take 5.

Other examples were given, but the one we liked best was that some of these techs are spending five minutes talking to the homeowner about the importance of furnace filter changes and offering them air filter home delivery. Yes, they are suggesting FilterFetch in their Take 5s!

Technicians like FilterFetch because it better serves their customers and they know the filter change reminders and home delivery will help make the systems run smoother and last longer. Homeowners like FilterFetch for the same reasons! Contractors love it for it’s recurring revenue.

To learn more about FilterFetch, we invite you to “Take 5” (minutes) and visit


7 Ways Our Thermostat Wire Beats Any Out There for Highest Quality and Huge Benefits

Jackson Systems now sells premium Honeywell Genesis wiring! When it comes to high-performance, low-voltage cable for your HVAC applications, Jackson Systems has you covered by providing cabling that not only works, but is of the best quality and dependability to provide results you (and your customers) can count on.

Here’s seven reasons why you should buy your thermostat wire from Jackson Systems:

1. Superior construction…strong wire housing
2.  Has great flexibility….run it from point A to point B quite easily
2. Purchases qualify for Honeywell Contractor Pro Points
3. It’s on a spool instead of in a box so it is easier to pull without knotting
4. It has marker numbers printed on the outer jacket indicating the length in feet so you can easily see how much you’ve used on a job…and how much is left on the spool
5. It strips easy because it comes with a pull string
6. It doesn’t stink…odor is pleasant
7. We sell thermostats. Enjoy convenient one-stop shopping for thermostat wire from the same place.

Here’s how you can order: or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

“Stepping Up” Articles of Inspiration from Joseph S. Groh is Now Available

Guest Blog by Joseph S. Groh Foundation

Stepping Up is a collection of witty, poignant and inspirational stories of a physically challenged life.  Authored by Joseph S.Groh, and with contributing articles from three other disabled writers, this book chronicles incredible, informational and just plain funny experiences from the lives of these disabled authors.  Whether comical, infuriating, or just plain incredulous, these stories are based in reality, and offer a offering a compelling window into lives of determination, perseverance and hope.

The book is divided into five sections, including:

  • Part I – Experiences of the Wheelchair Crowd
  • Part II – Experiences with the Medical Community
  • Part III – Information about the Disability Community
  • Part IV – Experiences You Have to Read to Believe
  • Part V – Experiences to Reflect on

100% of the proceeds from this book benefit the Joseph Groh foundation, and will be used to provide financial assistance to those from the construction trades industry who are now living with life altering disabilities.  You can order your copy today for only $20 by following the link pasted below.

Happy Reading!

Thanks for your interest in our foundation,

Joseph S. Groh

Honeywell Helps HVAC Contractors Expand Into Light Commercial Sales and Service

Have you always wanted to expand by servicing commercial accounts? Honeywell can tell you you how!

Light Commercial Applications
November 8, 2018 • 6:00pm (EST)

Honeywell’s RedLink platform can take the easy jump from residential to light commercial. Learn what’s new with RedLink and open the door to commercial jobs you previously could not bid.

To register, click here:

This class will be NATE Certified (1 CE credit)