Month: April 2018

Two-story New Construction and the HVAC

Did you know that the energy costs for about the same square footage of a two-story home vs. a one story are almost double in many cases? It many of the homes in the U.S., that’s true. Proven by physics that heat naturally rises, heating and cooling a second level to the same temperature of […]

Notice of Price Increases

Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for your business with Jackson Systems. We are committed to providing quality products at a competitive price. As you know, the global market is changing and there has been an increase in costs due to tariffs and raw materials.  Due to the volatile raw material market, the following products will have price increases […]

ZoneESP: Zoning Systems Without a Bypass Damper

The new iO ZoneESP zone panels, distributed by Jackson Systems, are equipped with award-winning electronic static pressure control technology that eliminates the need to install a bypass damper. As the zone dampers open and close, the static pressure sensor continuously monitors the system static pressure. If the static pressure goes above the static pressure setpoint, […]

Best Thermostats for $40 or Less*

Looking for the best thermostats under $40? We have them all here and they ALL include free logo and phone imprinting**. Leave your contact info and stop them at the stat the next time your customers order service! Check out our comprehensive offering of the Best of $40 and Under here: Braeburn Non-Programmable 1H/1C Thermostat Braeburn […]

ACCA Reports…

Proposed Policy Changes for Energy Efficiency Requirements of Residential and Commercial HVAC Equipment Finally Become Public By Barton James posted at ACCA Blog 2 days ago Another one of ACCA and the HVACR Industry’s top commonsense policy goals put forward to President Trump and Congress, which we requested their help transforming was energy policy, specifically: Energy Bill & […]

A Job Well Done…Just Like the Burgers!

The Custom Controls division of Jackson Systems recently completed a large controls project at BruBurger Bar, a new restaurant who celebrated its grand opening in Nobelsville, IN, much to the comfort and delight of its patrons. Ryan Jackson, the project manager, and Indianapolis-based mechanical contractor, Enviromax completed the controls project using Distech Controls Authorized System […]