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Joseph Groh Foundation Gives Gift to Paralyzed Construction Worker

Blog submitted by Joseph Groh Foundation

Chris Clark’s Story:

Chris Clark’s life in the construction trades was as a union laborer in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He worked for several organizations building factories and bridges as part of the United Ironworkers local. Following that he worked for a masonry firm building an early childhood development Center, a high school, a hospital and other projects.

On July 29, 2016 while swimming with friends, he was paralyzed at C7 after jumping into a lake.

He fractured his T1, T2, T3 and T12 vertebrae. He learned about the foundation while rehabbing at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. His principal need was for a pickup with driving controls. His existing vehicle was a 2002 Dodge Ram that had 150,000 miles on it that needed a new engine. The vehicle would allow him to take his daughter to her events and allow him to attend college in search of a new career.

Thanks to our donors’ generosity, the Joseph Groh Foundation was able to help Chris!

The foundation helped Chris find a used, one owner 2008 Dodge Dakota with 60,000 miles on it. The driving controls were installed by Southern Bus and Mobility of St. Louis.

“This is by far the best thing that has happened to me since my accident,” Chris said. “I can’t thank the foundation enough for everything you have done for me.”

Visit The Joseph Groh Foundation at where you can donate or learn more about this charity focused on making the lives of contractors faced with health and other life altering challenges a little easier.

WiFi Thermostats are More in Demand Than Ever Before

For the past several years, HVAC contractors have been encouraged to offer their customers programmable thermostats. In theory, they’re great…consumers can save anywhere from 10 to 30% on the heating and cooling portion of their energy bills by programming the thermostats for maximum comfort when the space is occupied and scheduling it for highest efficiency when it’s unoccupied. But, there was only one problem…they are too complicated for end users and the programming features are rarely used. In fact, it is reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), that less than 20% of people who have programmable thermostats actually program them.

The solution: WiFi or “smart” thermostats.

In today’s connected world, the smart device (phone or tablet or computer) was the most obvious place to add control of the thermostat. Using a WiFi thermostat has become most consumers preferred way to control the temperature and save money on energy bills. WiFi thermostats still do basic operations like turning up the heat, turning down cooling. But, it now can be done more easily, remotely and/or audibly.

It’s predicted that smart thermostats will take over the thermostat world completely within five years. Today’s consumers are demanding them like crazy. So, contractors, embrace this change. If you don’t, someone else will. Consider this: who of us wants the cable company to install our customers thermostats? We don’t think any contractor does. So, we must evolve…to the Internet of Things, and that includes thermostats.

Jackson Systems provides the most comprehensive offering of — and education for — WiFi thermostats available today. Every day, we talk with contractors to let them know what brands are available, understand their capabilities, and moreover, what complementary products go with them. These smart products go beyond the thermostat with even more opportunities for sales, including security and home protection, CO/smoke detectors, cameras, water leak detectors and so much more. The deeper you dive into the Internet of HVAC things, the more profits you can make.

WiFi thermostats and other smart products are the fastest growing segment of contractor sales out there right now. It’s probably why Google bought Nest. There are products for every consumer’s preference for connectivity whether they use Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Google Assistant or any others.

To browse our offering of WiFi thermostats and other smart products, visit us at If you are confused by all of the brands and products out there, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663 for a clearer understanding, or view our video library featuring the top brands including Nest, ecobee, Lux, White-Rodgers, Lyric and more at These on-demand videos will help you understand the features and benefits of every WiFi thermostat we sell.

FilterFetch Continues to Grow in Popularity Among HVAC Contractors

FilterFetch is more contractors’ choice for replacement air filter delivery for customers. Here’s why:
FilterFetch is a free service that makes it easy for HVAC contractors to sell replacement filters to their customers without the need to stock any filters. Additionally:
• Filters shipped direct from FilterFetch to the customer
• Set your own filter pricing
• Track sales and offer incentive sales spiffs to techs
Additional Features & Benefits:
• Email reminders sent to their customers
• Zero filter inventory for contractors
• 2500+ filter sizes available (including OEM & custom sizes)
• Fast, free shipping to customer
• Toll free homeowner customer support
• Control pricing and track commissions online
• Individual technician codes for sales incentive spiffs
• Order filters on the FilterFetch app for iPhone or Android
View our video to learn how you can use FilterFetch to better serve customers and earn more revenue:

Joseph Groh Foundation Awards Scholarship: Frank’s Story

Blog submitted by Joseph Groh Foundation

You will literally feel warmed as you read about the latest grant recipient of the foundation, Frank Holub of Schenectady, New York.  Thanks to Lennox Industries and our generous supporters, stories like this are possible:

Frank Holub never made a ton of money, but he is one of those salt of the earth kind of guys. If you were moving, he showed up with his pickup. Horseshoes in the backyard with friends on Thursday. He showed up every day for work and worked for his pay. For more than 25 years, Frank worked for a residential/commercial/industrial painting contractor, doing painting work, supervising crews, reading blueprints, operating lifts, preparing estimates and more. Whether working alone or as part of a crew, Frank’s focus was on satisfying the customer while adhering to the agreed-upon work schedule and scope. Over the years he worked effectively with architects, engineers, general contractors, customers and other trades. During that time he worked on every kind of application imaginable, from high-end residential to churches, banks, schools and even historical buildings.

In August 2012, Frank was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The diagnosis was made via an open lung biopsy while undergoing triple bypass surgery. Frank has been recommended for a lung transplant, but due to his heart issues that is unlikely. Frank and Kathy have two daughters, ages 11 and 20. The 20-year-old daughter however has severe disabilities – she is both non-ambulatory and nonverbal. She has been diagnosed with chromosome 9P deletion and inverted duplication syndrome, which is a rare genetic defect. In 2001, Frank and Kathy purchased a wheelchair accessible Honda Odyssey for Michaela when she was 14 so they could more easily transport her. They financed the vehicle with a 10-year loan. In 2016, the state of New York provide assistance to help Frank and Kathy turn their family room into a bedroom and handicapped bathroom, which will help the Holub’s keep Michaela at home as Frank declines. Kathy then sought to improve the air quality in their 1960s era house in order to help Frank. She found our foundation through an Internet search and requested duct cleaning and a high-performance air cleaner.

Joe sought the assistance of longtime acquaintance Tony Cava, District Manager for the Lennox Industries’ Boston branch. Tony recommended several area Lennox Premier dealers, one of who had previous experience with the Holub’s. Joe reached out to Paul Lancaster of Mohawk Heating and asked him to survey the Holub’s home, including taking a look at their aging furnace. Once Joe had the results, he again contacted Tony to see if Lennox would consider donating a furnace. The foundation pledged that any money saved from such a donation, at minimum, would be utilized to help pay off the Holub’s 2011 wheelchair van. Tony and Lennox graciously agreed to donate a top o the line model SLO185V oil furnace, part of the Dave Lennox signature collection of products. The furnace features a variable speed, ECM motor and a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

Thanks to Lennox and our donors generosity, the foundation was able to help Frank!

The foundation provided for installation of the furnace, duct cleaning and Pure Air system, which consists of a Merv 16 filter, UV lamps and a catalytic mesh filter. In essence, this system cleans the air in a home better than any other single system available. As part of its pledge, the foundation included a $6,500 payment on the Holub’s outstanding van loan as well as a two-year maintenance agreement on both the furnace and air cleaning system. After the furnace was installed, Kathy sent a note which said, “The new furnace heats the house so much faster than the old one and runs for a much shorter cycle. In addition, Maddie’s room, which is at the end of a duct run, is noticeably warmer. It should be in the 30s later this week here so the timing is perfect! I can’t thank you enough for everything.”

Visit The Joseph Groh Foundation at where you can donate or learn more about this charity focused on making the lives of contractors faced with health and other life altering challenges a little easier.

Jackson Systems Has New NEST Products: One is a Time Magazine “Best Invention of 2017″

For TIME magazine’s annual ranked list of the ‘best inventions of the year’, they evaluate thousands of newly released products from all around the world. This year, the new Nest Secure made the list! Here’s why they may have chosen this security system over all others introduced in 2017:

Most home security systems are created to keep the bad guys out. Nest has built its security by choosing to focus just as much on making it simpler for one to get in. Sounds crazy, right? It’s really not and makes a lot of sense because it’s making it easier for the homeowner to get in.

With the Nest Secure, doors can be unlocked by waving a key fob at it instead of typing a pass code. Smart features have been programmed into the fob so that they will work within certain time frames on some days and not on others. For example, if a babysitter or dog walker needs access to the home for the time they work there, say Monday through Friday 3:00 to 6:00 pm, Nest Secure can be programmed to allow their access for those limited hours.

Nest Secure is plenty capable of guarding a home: if a bad guy does tries to break in or disable the system, it will sound an 85-decibel alarm. Motion sensors will also alert users when a door or window has been opened.

Like the Nest thermostat, cameras and other smart products, the app on a smartphone or other smart device lets users manage the Nest Secure system from home or from afar, too. And, of course, all Nest products are compatible with Google Home.

Other security products introduced by Nest recently and supplied by Jackson Systems include:

Nest Tag: Tap and hold Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm or disarm when you’re leaving and coming home. Just tag in and out on Nest Guard. Put one on your keychain. Give one to people you trust. Set a schedule to let people in at certain times, like your dog walker. It’s water resistant and drop-proof. And don’t worry if you lose one – you can easily disable it in the Nest app. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.

Nest Guard: Nest Detect is a versatile sensor.  Put it on a door or window to know when it opens or closes, or put it on the wall to know if someone walks nearby. With Quiet Open, you can open a door while the house is armed, without setting off the alarm. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.

Nest Cam IQ: Nest Cam IQ has serious processing power, so it can do things like tell a person from a thing. And even recognize faces with Nest Aware. (Nest Aware is a paid subscription service that makes your Nest Cam or Dropcam even better with additional features and services. It gives you improved activity alerts, lets you set activity zones, saves your camera’s stream to video history, and lets you create video clips and timelapses from saved video.)

Finally, on the horizon, is Nest Hello, Nest’s answer to a smart doorbell cam.

Contractors: isn’t it time you explore the products of Nest? If you don’t someone else will!

Learn more about the Nest product sold by Jackson Systems exclusively to contractors at To order call, 888-652-9663.

Carrier, Bryant, Trane, and American Standard Compatible Zone Dampers…Order Today; Ships Today

Jackson Systems offers a wide selection of motorized dampers that are compatible with the Carrier Infinity®, Bryant Evolution®, Trane® ComfortLink II™ and American Standard AccuLink® zone control systems and they’re in stock…always!

Damper Features and Benefits:

  • Two-position 24V motor; power close/power open, 3-wire
  • Retrofit, round and rectangular offers installation flexibility
  • Rectangular offers side-mount and bottom-mount motor
  • Simple adjustment for setting the minimum position
  • Damper Actuator Type:
    • Carrier & Bryant: 24VAC, 2.1VA, three-wire power open/power close
    • Trane & American Standard: 24VAC, 2.5VA, three-wire power open/power close
  • Timing:
    • Carrier & Bryant: 15 seconds
    • Trane & American Standard: 60 seconds
  • Warranty: 10 years

Can’t get what you need from your equipment manufacturer soon enough? Call Jackson Systems at 888-652-9663. We offer all sizes, great pricing and free same-day shipping on Carrier, Bryant, Trane and American Standard dampers.

To see our selection of Carrier® Infinity® and Bryant® Evolution® compatible zone dampers, visit

To see our selection of Trane® ComfortLink II™ and American Standard AccuLink® compatible zone dampers, visit



Guest Blog: “Why Relationships Matter” by Steve Coscia

What do Tom Jackson and I have in common? The answer is passion:

  • We both love what we do.
  • We both believe in the power of relationships.

The two aforementioned attributes translate into customer service excellence because customers would rather buy from — and be served by — passionate people.

Tom Jackson and I met during a recent trek. Investing time with our industry’s finest makes travel more fun. How much fun? The photo tells the story much better than anything I can write. And, this image displays the power of our relationship.

Since August, I have been on the road a lot.  My November and December schedule is mostly in-house. I’ll be writing new online courses. Lots of technicians are earning NATE CEH credits with our online courses. In February, March and April of 2018, I will driving out west – starting on the I-70 corridor. Book your training dates now.  My schedule will fill fast.

In the meantime, you may benefit from Coscia’s Customer Service Training System…you can SAVE MONEY BY DOING IT YOURSELF!  The complete Customer Service Training System for training front-line employees.

This bundle includes:

  • 5 Customer Service Handbooks
  • 6 Audio Lessons
  • Scripting Templates
  • PowerPoint File for Classroom Instruction
  • Complete Lesson Plan
  • Handbook to PowerPoint Correlation
  • 5 Training DVDs for Skill Development
  • Employee Expectations
  • Employee Exam (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Handy Resource Reminder Card

You can learn more here about the Coscia customer service training and the system that has worked for hundreds of contractors already here:

And, stay tuned for more…we have lots to share coming in 2018. Follow us at Facebook for up to the minute news you can use on Coscia Communications Inc.

Jackson Systems Donates to Joseph Groh Foundation

Jackson Systems has donated to the good works of The #JosephGrohFoundation for years. The Joseph Groh Foundation is a charity that provides financial support to those who have worked in the HVAC/construction fields and have suffered a spinal cord or other life altering injury. It also is a clearinghouse of information for spinal cord patients.

Learn more about The Joseph Groh Foundation by subscribing to its online newsletter. The most recent edition is available here: or visit their website at where you can help The Joseph Groh Foundation with its “UpStanders Challenge”, a grant opportunity provided by Starbucks to charities making a difference in their communities.



Swag Wednesday at HVAC Shop Talk, 11-08-2017, Features Jackson Systems

Jackson Systems provides the swag for today’s Swag Wednesday at HVAC Shop Talk!

We’re giving away a swag pack containing pen, screwdriver, FilterFetch hat, cool tee and a book titled “Should I Patent My Idea?” Our founder, Ron Jackson, holds patents for more than a dozen of his HVAC inventions in controls and zoning.

#SwagWednesday is one day giveaway of swag from sponsoring manufacturers to #HVACShopTalk. Swag is introduced in the morning and given away in the evening.

View this to learn more and try your chance at today’s swag from Jackson Systems:

Nest Sale!

Black Friday has arrived early with Jackson Systems’ best Nest sale ever on thermostats and outdoor cameras. The more you buy, the more you save!*

Buy 4 Nest learning thermostats and get $120 off (that’s a savings of $30 each)! Nest thermostats keeps your customers comfortable and helps them save on energy usage and lowers utility bills.

Buy 4 Nest outdoor cams and get $75 (save $18.75 each)! The Nest Cam Outdoor security camera helps customers look after their home and family, even when they are away.

Learn more about these Nest products here: To order, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

*Buy 16-40 of each and save even more. Call for more information. This offer expires on Nov. 24, 2017.


FilterFetch: The Perfect Product for Shoulder Season

There’s no way for a heating contractor to predict what the weather is going to do in the fall or when the season will change to bitter cold for good so they can get back to business as usual. If there were, we’d all be richer for it. The best a contractor can do is to find those products and services that are going to keep the doors open and the lights on during this time we call Shoulder Season.

Thus, contractors offer seasonal preventive maintenance as a stop gap measure. Fall furnace maintenance has many benefits for consumers, but it is also beneficial for contractors who want to keep technicians busy and a stream of somewhat predictable revenue coming in. So, if PMs are your most valuable service in shoulder season, how do you obtain more of these precious contracts? The most obvious answer is YOU MUST PROVIDE VALUE WITH YOUR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLANS!

Value in HVAC preventive maintenance comes in three forms: price, convenience, and products and/or services. We’re not going to tell you how you should price your contracts, but we can offer a product and service that’s will differentiate your PM from any other…and that is FilterFetch.

FilterFetch meets two needs for value in a preventive maintenance program: convenience and it provides a unique product and service to fulfill your homeowners desire to remain on top of their filter changes. Here’s how FilterFetch provides value for homeowners:

  1. FilterFetch keeps homeowners stocked with air filters with air filter home delivery so they never run out.
  2. FilterFetch sends homeowners timely filter change reminders so they know when it’s time to change the filter.
  3. FilterFetch stores the history of the filter purchases by your homeowner they are sure to always order the right filters at the right time. FilterFetch will alert the homeowner when it’s time to reorder.

And, as valuable a product and service for homeowners, FilterFetch is just as valuable for contractors. Consider these:

  1. FilterFetch helps contractors remain in the filter business without stocking a single filter.
  2. FilterFetch costs a contractor nothing to participate. In fact, FilterFetch is a new revenue source for contractors because we send you the profits from all of the filter sales to your customers.
  3. FilterFetch keeps YOU top of mind with your customers so that when they need a repair or replacement, you are the first person they call.

FilterFetch is a way a contractor can continue with consistent and profitable revenue during the dreaded shoulder season. If you want to learn how you can become a FilterFetch contractor or add it to your PM agreements, visit or call 888-293-9488.