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The new iO ESP zone panels are equipped with award-winning electronic static pressure control technology that eliminates the need to install a bypass damper.  As the zone dampers open and close, the static pressure sensor continuously monitors the system static pressure.  If the static pressure goes above the static pressure setpoint, the panel will open the non-calling zones just enough to relieve the excess pressure and bring the system below the desired setpoint.  This eliminates the need for a conventional bypass damper. Panels are available in 2, 3 and 6 zones. 
Jackson Systems is offering 10% off the purchase of an ESP zone panel.  Use promo code 17-9ESP10SM.  Offer ends October 31, 2017.
To order and receive your SmartHVAC discount, visit Or, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-966

Honeywell Improves Its RedLINK Internet Gateway

Control Honeywell RedLINK communications from a web browser or smart device. The RedLINK Internet Gateway connects to an internet router with a standard Ethernet cable (provided). The Gateway is then connected to the power adapter (provided) and plugged into a wall outlet. This new model is a direct replacement for THM6000R7002.

Improvements include:

  • Better design and user interface
  • 3 foot ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Enables remote access, group scheduling and Contractor Portal access directly from the RedLINK device
  • Compatible and supports RedLINK thermostats

Once the new RedLINK Internet Gateway has been installed and connected to the RedLINK Comfort System you will need to:

  1. Create an account by visiting
  2. Validate the account.
  3. Log in and register the gateway at by entering the MAC ID and MAC CRC found on the bottom of the device.

Part number: THM6000R7001

For more information or to order, call your Jackson Systems representatives at 888-652-9663.

Combustion and Universal Controls Webinar

New to Combustion? Or want to learn more about Universal controls?

We will be hosting a FREE Honeywell Combustion training from the Jackson Systems training facility via a live streaming webinar.

Date: September 28, 2017
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm ET


Register For FREE Combustion & Universal Controls Webinar

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HVAC Shop Talk and Jackson Systems Awards Prizes for #Tombrokethebank

Jackson Systems Announces Winners of the Big Giveaway: #tombrokethebank With #HVACShopTalk
The winners of our random drawing are as follows:
Congratulations to Derick K., Florida, for First Prize!
You have won:
(1) TH8321R1002 VisionPRO with RIG
(1) CHC8080W100 C1 Camera
(1) UV2400U5000 24V UV Light with AirBright odor absorption
(1) HE150A1005 TrueEASE Advance Bypass Humidifier
(1) CHW3610W1001 Wi-Fi Lyric Water Leak Detector
Congratulations to Lisa G., Massachusetts, for Second Prize!
You have won:
(1) TH6220WF2006 Lyric Wi-Fi T6 Thermostat
(1) CHW3610W1001 Wi-Fi Lyric Water Leak Detector
Congratulations to Nicholas R., Maryland, for Third Prize!
You have won:
(1) TH6220WF2006 Lyric Wi-Fi T6 Thermostat
Thank you all for playing. Like and follow our Facebook page and that of HVAC Shop Talk for any future contests.

Contracting Business Reports on the ‘Connected Home’

Great article from Contracting Business on why ‘connected homes’ are a natural fit for HVAC contractors, writing:

“What’s In It For Contractors?” (This excerpt is an interesting angle you may not have considered. Read on…)

“Connected home solutions offer significant revenue opportunities through cloud (WiFi) or cellular data services.  The connected home doesn’t work without the ability to store video and connect with mobile phones, tablets, and/or computers.  Without the cloud or cellular connectivity, a homeowner may be able to see who is at the door from a phone while at home, but not while away, which is uninteresting to most people.  The data service necessitates a monthly charge.

Because they bundle financing for installed equipment with the data services, cable and security companies charge as much as $70 per month. Contractors can give people the option to finance installed connected home equipment or pay for it outright, while separating the data service. The cost of the data service under this approach can range from $20 to $30 per month or be combined with an HVAC service agreement for more.”

Consider this, it says:

1000 connected home service agreements X  $20 gross profit per month per agreement X 12 months = $240,000 gross profit. That is $240,000 free and clear of the maintenance portion of a service agreement for every thousand agreements put in place.”

Google Hardware Solutions to Boost a Stronger WiFi Signal in Homes

As WiFi thermostats and other connected homes products grow in popularity with home and business owners, contractors have to be prepared to offer auxiliary solutions that help with troubleshooting weak WiFi signals.
Two Google products, now being offered by Jackson Systems, can help boost signal strength and minimize buffering for the home automation products used in today’s connected world. They assist with providing problem-free, uninterrupted operation of WiFi thermostats, CO/smoke detectors, cameras, Google Home, IAQ foobot and other “connected home” products installed by the contractor.
Google WiFi Mesh Router: Provides clearest channel and strongest band for online connection anywhere in your house.
Google Chromecast Ultra: Stream up to 4K ultra HD and HDR picture quality over the WiFi network. Chromecast Ultra provides fast, reliable performance with minimal buffering and smoother streaming.
Both products offer simple set-up, security features and compatibility with most smart devices.
To order, visit us at or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

Honeywell Universal Combustion Control Boards

For easy field replacements of a furnace control panel, there is nothing better than Honeywell’s Universal Furnace Control boards. It may mostly be because their universal design replaces hundreds of models of standard control panels, but moreover it’s their construction and performance is second to none—all backed by the Honeywell name!

The Honeywell Universal Integrated Furnace Control panel replaces over 195 models of furnace control boards. Other features and benefits include:

  • Universal application with the use of wiring harnesses for simple installation of most single stage HSI IFCs
  • Board comes installed inside of a plastic tray for easy installation and protection against dust and flexing of the board
  • Robust diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • EnviraCOM™ communications enabled

In addition to Universal Furnace Control Panel above, Honeywell boasts the best Universal Electronic Fan Timer. This model replaces up to 41 standard models.

The New Universal platform integrates control of all combustion blower and circulating fan operations in a gas warm air. It has a replaceable fuse and DIP switch with selectable heat and cool delay for added flexibility. This fan timer will also save you time and money with its diagnostic LED and continuous EAC and HUM terminal connections. These new options and features make it the best fan timer for your needs.

Jackson Systems has these universal replacement boards ready to ship for contractors who need a replacement immediately. For more information on the Honeywell Furnace Control Panel and the Electronic Fan Timer, visit

This month only, we’re offering 10% OFF your first order of combustion products from Jackson Systems. To order and receive your discount, visit or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.




WiFi Thermostats Help Homeowners Save Up to 15% on Heating and Cooling Costs

Here’s are some interesting facts from a study conducted by Energy Research & Social Science journal:
73% of homeowners who have a programmable thermostat,
DO NOT use the scheduling features.
94% of homeowners who have a WiFi thermostat, DO!
Those homeowners who do program the thermostat or use the smart features in their WiFi or learning thermostats for scheduling with their lifestyle, save an average of 10-15% on heating and on cooling costs.
To browse our comprehensive offering of WiFi thermostat brands, visit Jackson Systems at

Honeywell Lyric App Upgrade for iOS 11

Apple will be releasing iOS 11 shortly. One of the feature enhancements may affect the way you use your Lyric™ thermostats or Lyric cameras in geofence mode.

With iOS 11, you will now have to choose between three Location Services settings for your Lyric app. Previously you were shown the choice of “Always” or “Never.” You will now be shown the option for “While using app.”

The geofencing feature of your Lyric thermostats or camera will only work if your mobile device Location Services are set to “Always.”

If you are currently using geofencing for your Lyric products, you won’t need to take any action – your geofencing will work as normal. If you are currently using a time-based schedule for your Lyric thermostat, however, and you choose to change to geofence-based scheduling, you’ll need to ensure you modify Location Services settings.

To verify or modify your Location Services settings for your Lyric app, open your iOS settings, and within the Privacy section, select Location Services. Scroll to the Lyric app and change your Location Services to “Always.” Doing so will allow the Lyric app to trigger location-based actions like turning your heating and cooling system to “Home” mode or turning your camera to “Privacy Mode.”

Thank you for your patience.

—The Honeywell Home team

Helping Contractors Set Their Businesses Apart With ‘Connected Homes’ Automation

Home automation is ‘knocking at the door’ of every contractor!

Exhibitors at just about every HVAC fall tradeshow this year are showing what is currently available in “connected homes’ automation and letting contractors know, if you don’t answer, you may be left behind.
Jackson Systems is still focused on the products that HVAC contractors need most to create the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and smart home controls, like zoning controls, energy management systems, combustion solutions and others, but we’re also keeping pace with changes in our industry as they relate to home automation. We remain a one-stop supplier for all HVAC controls, including connected homes products.

Making the contractors more successful and meeting home and business owner requests is what drives us and our product offering.

For a complete look at our connected homes products — from Nest learning thermostats, indoor/outdoor cameras and Nest Protect CO/smoke detector to Honeywell, Ecobee, White-Rodgers and Lux WiFi thermostats, visit

To learn how these great products can help improve your bottom line, call 888-652-9663 and speak with one of our HVAC specialists.



This Truck Stock-up Sale of Combustion Products is Setting the Industry on Fire!

Save 10% on Your First Order of These Combustion Products and Better Prepare Your Techs for the Winter Furnace Season. PLUS, Jackson Systems and Honeywell are giving you a FREE Contractor Bag when you spend $250 or more!

Glowfly Ignitors Q3200U1004, Q3200U200
The latest technology, true “universal” installation, OEM quality – Glowfly brings it all together in one easy-to-use solution.

Integrated Ignition Controls S9200U1000
Integrated control of gas appliance operating sequence and safety. Replaces over 195 furnace controls with it’s universal application. Wiring harnesses are designed for simple installation of most single stage HSI IFCs. Board comes installed inside of a plastic tray for easy installation and protection against dust and flexing of the board. Robust diagnostics for easy troubleshooting. EnviraCOM™ communications enabled.

Gas Ignition Controls S8610U3009, S8910U300
Safety component ignition controllers light and prove gas burners. Intermittent pilot, direct spark and direct hot surface ignition models available.

Electric Fan Control ST9120U1011
Circulator and inducer controls for warm air furnaces. Provides blower delay on and off timing, limit and thermostat interface, and central appliance wiring hub. The New Universal platform that will not only integrate control of all combustion blower and circulating fan operations in a gas warm air appliance but also replace all other existing Honeywell fan timer boards. It now has a replaceable fuse and DIP switch with selectable heat and cool delay for added flexibility. This new fan timer will also save you time and money with its diagnostic LED and continuous EAC and HUM terminal connections. These new options and features make it the best fan timer for your needs.

Thermocouple Q340A1090
Generate thermoelectric current that sense pilot flame for gas systems. uilt for long service life, the Honeywell Q340A will work for nearly all pilot generated millivolt applications. This 30mV open circuit thermocouple is 36″ in length.

Universal Gas Valves VR8345M4302, VR8345K4809
Universal electronic ignition combination gas control for use with direct spark ignition, hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot ignition in 24 Vac, gas-fired appliances. Gas valves for applications under 400k BTUs

Use promo code 17COMBUST10 when ordering. One time use only. Expires 10/31/17.


Jackson Systems’ Innovative, Flexible and Easy-to-Install Combustion Solutions

Advanced Electrode Humidifier

Proper humidity levels help buildings feel warmer and allow for thermostats to be set lower for maximum efficiency, without sacrificing comfort. However, finding a product that helps to constantly maintain ideal humidity levels can be a challenge. Until now!

The Advanced Electrode Humidifier by Honeywell helps to easily set ideal humidity levels with on-demand, intuitive system operation.

The Advanced Electrode Humidifier provides optimized humidifier performance from a conveniently-sized, premineralized canister. This compact solution allows for flexible placement (and replacement) with ease of installation. This flexible solution can be remote or duct-mounted, meaning you can decide what is easiest for servicing!

The Advanced Electrode Humidifier is controlled via a connected thermostat and the Lyric™ app.

Peace of mind protection for homeowners and simplified maintenance for contractors makes the Advanced Electrode Humidifier a ‘must-have’ solution for achieving ideal humidity levels. To keep any building in perfect balance while enjoying maximum comfort, learn more about the Advanced Electrode Humidifier from Honeywell here:

Glowfly Universal Hot Surface Igniter

Finding the right part to make any repair can be difficult at times. That’s why when a universal solution for contractor replacements comes to market, you just have to be told about it!

Honeywell’s Glowfly Universal Hot Surface Igniter is the first universal igniter that is truly, well… “universal!” There is no longer a need to carry any other burner igniters on the truck. Every Glowfly comes fully equipped with six custom mount brackets that are optimized to replace over 110 igniter applications from nearly every furnace manufacturer including Carrier/Bryant/Payne, Rheem, White-Rodgers, York, Goodman, Heil, Ducane and so many more. And, Glowfly has a solution for even the oldest furnaces.

Quicker, easier service calls for replacements is what drives all Honeywell products…and the Glowfly Universal Hot Service Igniter meets that challenge. To learn more about this product, visit:

To inquire about other needed combustion products, call your Jackson Systems representative. Those mentioned here are just a couple of our solutions from comprehensive line of combustion products.

For ordering, call 888-652-9663 or visit

Jackson Systems Heads to Nexstar’s Super Meeting With a Great Deal for Members

Are you attending #Nexstar‘s Super Meeting in Washington DC this week? Jackson Systems will be there!

We’re bringing our display of all new “Connected Homes” products, zoning systems, FilterFetch and so much more. Come by our booth during exhibit hours to see what’s new and learn how you can get a FREE #Honeywell #Lyric C1 Indoor Camera, exclusively for Nexstar members!

Foobot™ Works with the HVAC to Improve Indoor Air Quality

ASHRAE reports that Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, and 65 percent of that time is spent in their homes. Consequently, indoor air quality has a significant influence on human health and well-being with impact that can very bad for some. Why? Because when indoors, pollutant levels have been proven to be two to five times higher than outdoors, and in dire cases they can be over 100 times higher. (US Environmental Protection Agency)

Indoor pollutants can fall into 3 main categories:

Combustion By-Products are the flue gases and particles released by heating or cooking appliances that rely on combustion, as implied by their name. Carbon monoxide can be particularly dangerous because it is very poisonous for humans, despite being a colorless and odorless gas.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a very broad category of substances found in construction materials, cleaning products and personal care products, among other sources. A simple and effective way to control VOCs is getting familiarized with them, and avoiding any products that mention them in their label. Indoor plants are also effective VOC filters, removing them from the air while producing oxygen and pleasant odors!

Allergens and Asthma Triggers include humidity, dust, pollen, mites, pet dander and mold. The susceptibility to these compounds tends to vary by person. Reactions to allergen triggers may range from mild discomfort to severe respiratory ailments.

When multiple members of a family or company experience health issues simultaneously, IAQ issues are highly likely. This is especially true if symptoms worsen after the affected individuals have spent plenty of time indoors, but improve when they are away from the home or building.

Improvement to indoor air quality (IAQ) is increasingly in demand by home and building owners, challenging HVAC professionals to provide solutions. If this is the case with your customers, Jackson Systems can help with a solution: Meet Footbot, the Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

Footbot Indoor Air Quality Monitor has been designed to work with the heating and cooling system to improve indoor air. It monitors the air in a home and communicates to the HVAC system’s air cleaner or dehumidifier to clean it when it detects combustible gases, CO, VOCs or allergen-triggering particles.

When Foobot sees a danger from something as simple as of over-using room sprays which is a particulate matter and volatile compound to unacceptable levels of CO, the app responds by sending you a message with the data in red. Quality air readings are in blue. This way, you can immediately distinguish whether or not there is a problem that needs attention.

Foobot works with Alexa, Nest, Ecobee, Lux and IFTTT to provide automatic reactions to bad air readings. While you can manually deal with a lot of problems of bad air, the Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor has a full IFTTT channel so that it can trigger the home systems like air purifier or dehumidifier to come on based on readings.  Using these automations can keep your air pure without having to do a thing. Even if you don’t have any suitable smart devices to use, it’s still handy to be know when your air is compromised so that you can open a window or turn on the HVAC fan to easily fix the problem.

To order Foobot, visit or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

To learn more about allo f the ways to improve the air quality in homes and buildings, Foobot offers this ebook for download:

Honeywell Lyric Leads Charge With Demand Response Thermostats

ACHR The NEWS recently published a great article on

The Emergence of Demand Response Programs in HVAC

Thermostats are leading the charge as an economical response option for consumers

“Demand response programs are helping savvy homeowners save energy, avoid brownouts and blackouts, and manage overall energy consumption.

These programs, which allow local energy and utility companies to make adjustments to a home’s temperature during peak-usage periods, create more efficient usage of whatever power is available.

At first glance, homeowners may be hesitant to turn over control of their thermostats to someone else, but the economic and environmental benefits are often worthwhile, and consumers retain a great level of control when needed.”…

Read the rest of this great article from ACHR The NEWS here:

For Jackson Systems comprehensive offering of Honeywell Lyric thermostats, click here or call your sales representative at 888-652-9663.

Look for our Trade Show Special on Lyric thermostats at Nexstar, SGI, Aeroseal Success Summit, Dwyer Group Reunion, and MTCAZ, just to mention a few, scheduled this fall:


Not going to any shows? Call your Jackson Systems representative for more information: 888-652-9663.

Jackson Systems to Exhibit at the Upcoming HVACR Industry Events

Jackson Systems continues to support our HVACR customers and partnerships with new and innovative product exhibitions. This fall, you’ll find us at these industry events:

Nexstar Super Meeting      Washington DC       Sept 13-15

Dwyer Group Reunion (Aire Serv)        Orlando, FL       Sept 23-27

Women in HVACR      Ft Worth, TX       Sept 27-29

Aeroseal/Comfort Institute Success Summit        Lincolnshire, IL       Sept 27

Florida ACCPA       Tampa FL       Oct 12

Praxis S10 Ignite Summit        Orlando, FL       Oct 13-14

SGI Successful Contractor Expo       Orlando, FL       Oct 23-27

MTCAZ       Phoenix, AZ       Nov 14

This list is subject to change and may not be all inclusive. Talk with your Jackson Systems representative to see if we’ll be exhibiting at an industry conference you’ll be attending.