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FREE Google Home with purchase of 4 Nest Thermostats. Hurry, offer ends August 31. Call 888.652.9663 to order or visit to learn more about the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Visit to learn more about the Voice-activated Google Home and what smart products it integrates with.

Is All Thermostat Wire the Same? Jackson Systems Answers That Question.

So, what can we say about thermostat wire other than, “it works like it supposed to…?” Well, a lot, actually.

Wiring zoning systems, thermostats or other HVAC components can be a dirty, tedious and complicated job. You’ll only want to do one time, which is why you should want your wire to be the best quality available.

Jackson Systems now sells premium Honeywell Genesis wiring!  When it comes to high-performance, low-voltage cable for your HVAC applications, Jackson Systems has you covered by providing cabling that not only works, but is of the best quality and dependability to provide results you (and your customers) can count on.

With Honeywell Genesis wire, you will enjoy these fine features:

  1. It is on a spool instead of in a box so it is easier to pull without knotting.
  2. It has marker numbers printed on the outer jacket indicating the length in feet so you can easily see how much you’ve used on a job…and how much is left on the spool.
  3. It strips easy because it comes with a pull string.
  4. It doesn’t stink…it has a pleasant odor.

In addition, Honeywell Genesis wire has great flexibility. You can run it from point A to point B quite easily. And, the wire can be joined using wire nuts, crimp connectors or screw terminals. Technicians know these can be big pluses, especially if you are working with wiring day in and day out.

So, the answer to the question “Is all thermostat wire the same?” is a resounding “No. It most definitely is not!” When it comes to the wiring of thermostat controls, zoning systems, heating and air conditioning equipment and other low voltage applications, there is no better wire than Honeywell Genesis.

Much like other Honeywell products, Honeywell Genesis Wire purchases qualify for Contractor Pro Points. Enjoy this bonus plus the convenience of one-stop shopping for all controls- related accessories at Jackson Systems. Here’s how you can order: or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

Jackson Systems: Controls Done Right!

Tom Jackson Interviewed by HVAC Ladder Regarding FilterFetch

In a recent episode of #HVACLadder, podcaster JR Lawhorne, talks with Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson Systems, about the benefits of FilterFetch and how it’s adding to the revenues of contractors all over the country.

Here one fact stated in the podcast: Average HVAC companies are bringing in $1,000/month in FilterFetch sales – some up to $2,000/month and increasing.

HVAC Ladder is a dedicated to HVAC career growth of its followers – to inform, encourage, and empower you to advance to your next step in HVAC. Learn more about HVAC Ladder here:

Listen to the full podcast here:

Introducing the New Sensi Touch WiFi Smart Thermostat

Use promo code 17-9SENSI5DIS when ordering


Sensi™ thermostats are ranked highest in customer satisfaction by JD Power and once you experienced the new Sensi Touch WiFi thermostat, you’ll know why!

Sensi Touch WiFi features convenient remote access…change or program your home temperature anytime from anywhere.

With thoughtful design features like in-app installation instructions, HD touchscreen color display and smart home integration options, complete comfort control is right at your fingertips.

Integrates directly with Amazon Alexa, Wink and Apple HomeKitsmart home platforms.

This good looking thermostat features:
• Remote Thermostat Control
• HD Color Touchscreen
• Illuminated Easy-Click Terminals
• Geofencing
• Flexible Scheduling
• Smart Alerts
• Multi-Thermostat Control
• Back Glow
• Fan Control
• Energy Aware™ Certified
• Local Weather
• Indoor Humidity Sensor
• Built-In Level for Mounting
• Keypad Lockout
• Secure Network

Works with most home HVAC systems, including:
• Conventional 2H/2C
• Heat Only and Cool Only
• Heat Pump (With or Without Aux) 4H/2C
• Geothermal, Gas, Oil, Electric and Dual Fuel

All system types require a common wire (c-wire).
Does not work with electric baseboard heat and some other systems.

To learn more about the new Sensi Touch WiFi thermostat, visit us at or call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.

Logo and phone number imprinting is available on the Sensi Touch WiFi thermostat with purchase of six or more. You’ll also enjoy quick turnaround…and FREE shipping when you buy thermostats Jackson Systems!!!

Honeywell Lyric™ C1 WiFi Security Camera: The Perfect Product for a Contractors’ Supplemental Sales

Honeywell has introduced their answer to home security with the Lyric™ C1 WiFi Security Camera.

Designed for indoor use, the Honeywell Lyric C1 security camera delivers an ultra-wide angle, high definition view and two detection zones for extra sensitivity. Video captured by sound or motion can be stored in an included SD card or in the Cloud. The night vision of the Lyric C1 security camera is spectacular.

Intelligent sound detection supports the video. Additionally, with its sophisticated audio analytics, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are identified whereby real-time mobile alerts can be sent to smart devices set up to receive them.

Installation of the Lyric™ C1 security camera is fast and easy. It can be wall mounted or table top. The Honeywell app to support it is intuitive and easy to use, too. The camera itself is among the most affordable security cameras available for indoor home use.

The Honeywell Lyric™ C1 WiFi Security Camera comes with a 5-year warranty and is perfectly paired with any of our Lyric platform WiFi thermostats.

High performing Honeywell connected home products are the perfect solution for today’s buyers who desire more connectivity and a smarter home. And, for a contractor, the add-on sales they bring can make a more positive impact on the bottom line!

Learn more about the Honeywell Lyric™ C1 WiFi Security Camera here To order, call your Jackson Systems representative at 888-652-9663.


Networking is as Powerful as Ever, so LET’S CONNECT!

It could win you a Smart Home Package including Nest thermostat, Nest Indoor Cam and Google Home hub!

Networking is not about who you know, but who you help…so LET’S CONNECT! It could win you a Smart Home Package including Nest thermostat, Nest Indoor Cam and Google Home hub!
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In The NEWS: Our Zone ESP, a “Must See” Product

Never install another bypass damper!

Jackson Systems’ ESP-400 maintains system static pressure without the need for a conventional bypass damper.

The system works like any standard zone control system with one exception. As zone dampers open and close, the ESP-400 module continuously monitors the system static pressure and if required, sends a signal to the zone dampers that are in the closed position to open to a point where the proper static pressure level is maintained.

  • Works with an existing zone panel
  • It’s easy to install
  • Lowers labor and installation cost
  • Eliminates “tight space” issues
  • Factory set (easy to adjust)
  • Prevents coil freeze up
  • Eliminates air noise

Click to learn more:

The APC In-duct Smoke Detector

Building codes are written and enforced because they protect the public’s most important concerns: health, safety and environment. They also are written to protect efficiencies and investments values. Because commercial HVAC systems can be a source for smoke and toxic gases traveling through the duct system, in-duct smoke detectors have become a code-enforced method for monitoring the dangers. The International Mechanical Code, NFPA 90A: Standard for the Installation of HVAC and NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code are two such codes that provide critical protection against smoke and toxic gases from the HVAC system from being released into the airflow of a building via the duct system.

Jackson Systems supplies the APC Duct Smoke Detector as a way to alert to early detection of smoke present in the air moving through HVAC ducts in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The APC Duct Smoke Detector is designed to prevent the recirculation or spread of smoke by air handling systems, fans and blowers.

The APC Duct Smoke Detector continuously “samples” the air in the duct work to ensure it does not exceed safe readings. Should unsafe levels of smoke be measured, the smoke detector shuts down the operations of the system including closing dampers, stopping fans and notifying of the danger.

To monitor levels of smoke in buildings, air sampling tubes are inserted into the duct work. Air sampling tubes come in many sizes and must be properly fitted to their ducts. The sampling tubes must extend between 2/3rds and 80% of the duct width (see illustration). Know that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL to meet code. Remember: codes are not just guidelines, they are the law!

The APC Duct Smoke Detector should be connected to the building’s smoke alarm system in accordance with NFPA 72. They work WITH traditional smoke alarm systems and are not intended to REPLACE them. To install, first identify a code compliant location (supply or return side, or both) for the installation of the duct unit that will permit easy access for viewing and serviceability. Note that to minimize the impact of air turbulence and stratification on performance, the APC Duct Smoke Detector should be located as far as possible downstream from any obstruction (i.e. deflector plates, elbows, dampers, etc.). In all situations, confirmation of velocity and pressure differential within specifications is required. After the installation of the duct smoke detector, it is important to have an inspection from Code Enforcement. And, on a regular basis when the building’s traditional smoke alarms are inspected, so should this in-duct system. This keeps your occupants safe and keeps you in compliance with codes.

For more information on the APC Duct Smoke Detector, visit To order, give your Jackson Systems representative a call at 888-652-9663.