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FilterFetch™ Delivers a Point of Difference in Contractor Services While Boosting Revenue

As business owners, heating and cooling contractors understand that revenue growth comes from great service, staying up with trends, and differentiation. While great service and keeping up with changes in the industry are easy to control, searching for that product or service that no one else in your area offers can be a challenge. But, it’s that point of difference that could have the greatest impact on a contractor’s bottom line. If you are lucky enough to find that prize offering, you should be able to watch your sales soar.

A new service capturing the attention of contractors for its revenue generating opportunities (and home and business owners for its convenience) is FilterFetch, air filter home delivery service. Unlike other air filter delivery services, FilterFetch is different in that it is offered to customers by the contractor they trust, and not factory-direct to the end user. This service can be added to enhance a preventive maintenance offering or it can standalone. The best thing about FilterFetch for customers is the convenience of home delivery, free shipping and filter change reminders so that they never miss a timely filter change again. The best thing for the contractor is it can make them more money!

FilterFetch costs nothing to the contractor to participate. There is no upfront investment to the contractor and no filter inventory required. The FilterFetch program takes care of everything. An online portal branded with the contractor’s logo,, manages the entire program. Contractors determine the prices they want to charge customers for filters and when profit goals are met, FilterFetch sends you a check.

Eric Alvarez, president of Expert HVAC and Refrigeration, recently added FilterFetch to his product offering because he says, “I needed more revenue in the slow seasons. We do fine May through September with our long, hot summers in El Paso, but I want to make more money in the shoulder seasons, so I added FilterFetch.” Alvarez continues, “I also like the repeatability of sales that FilterFetch brings in.”

For a contractor, FilterFetch is more about increasing the lifetime value of a customer with repeat sales and staying in front of them than the product itself. The service is great because FilterFetch does all of the work, making it an easy service for contractors to add. For customers, the convenience of home delivery and the filter change reminders are invaluable. But, the contractor does have to execute and get the service to market. FilterFetch helps with that task by providing magnets, stickers and pocket cards for a small cost that can be used as leave behinds on every contractor call.

Finding new products and services in HVAC in pursuit of revenue growth and differentiation is hard to do. FilterFetch is one such product that can help with that.

Jackson Systems Zoning Answer the Call for Solutions to Hot and Cold Spots, Wasted Energy in Unoccupied Spaces and High Utility Bills

  1. Are you able to manage the desired temperature in every room in your home with the one thermostat you have?
  2. Are you as comfortable on the second floor as you are on the first?
  3. Are you heating and cooling spaces in your home that you don’t use all day…or hardly use at all?
  4. Do you think your utility bills are too high?

If you were to ask these questions to your homeowners, do you think any of them would be satisfied with their current system as it is controlled right now? Probably not.

Except for #4, if your customers answer “no” to these questions, their home’s HVAC system would most likely be better served with zoning.

Jackson Systems can help you properly service homes that have hot and cold spots, need more temperature control on multiple levels, and/or are wasting energy in unoccupied spaces with our zoning systems including panels, dampers and thermostats.

A typical home usually has the thermostat centrally located in a hallway on the main level. But, that means it only responds to the heating and cooling needs there. The thermostat doesn’t know how to respond to all of the other spaces in the house when they have differing comfort needs.

Zoning systems encourage the use of multiple thermostats–one on every level, in every space or in every duct run of your home–to better control airflow to meet the unique comfort needs of individual spaces. Multiple thermostats (one for every zone) control a motorized damper that supplies the amount of cold or warm air in your desired spaces only when called for. A panel installed at the main system manages it all.

Sound easy enough? It is!

To learn more about when and how to identify zoning opportunities, watch this Jackson Systems on demand webinar on the basics of zoning systems

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