Month: July 2017

1 in 8 Homes Has a Programmable Thermostat…

…but even for those households that use central air conditioning and have a programmable thermostat, more than two-thirds of them control temperatures without actually programming the thermostat. In a 2015 survey, respondents were asked how they set indoor temperatures during the summer. Almost half (45%) of households using central air-conditioning units said they set the […]

Why Repeat Business is So Important…And How Jackson Systems Can Help!

A surprisingly often overlooked “new” source of revenue is repeat business. New, in that repeat business is known to increase revenue at least 20% year over year. (Source: Your homeowners and commercial customers are more likely to call you if you leave them your information because they already know and trust you versus someone […]

3 Ways Contractors Can Better Serve Property Managers

Reliable and expert HVAC contractors are crucial to the success as landlords. On the flip side, if you are a contractor and lucky enough to sell and service Property Managers, you know that they usually result in longstanding relationships that can be critical to your growing revenue and success. Jackson Systems supports the efforts of contractors […]

Hot Yoga and the Thermostat

Namaste. Hot yoga is a group exercise that uses heat and humidity to increase an individual’s flexibility with yoga poses. Introduced by Bikram Choudhury, a yogi from India, hot yoga is typcially performed under extreme temperatures and is designed to replicate the conditions of his country, where this trend got its start. Hot yoga is […]

Jackson Systems: Doing Our Part to Protect the Environment

Jackson Systems is helping keep mercury out of the waste stream in order to protect the environment through its participation with #ThermostatRecyclingCorporation. Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is a national nonprofit network of over 3,600 mercury thermostat collection sites. TRC has recovered more than 10 tons of mercury since its inception in 1998. TRC facilitates and manages […]

FilterFetch FAQs

FilterFetch is answering contractor’s most frequently asked questions: What Is FilterFetch? FilterFetch is a contractor recommended service that delivers professional grade filters directly to your customers home. Why Should I Add FilterFetch to My Service Offering? FilterFetch is another way to better serve your homeowners and business customers. In addition to fast free filter delivery, FilterFetch […]