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When Brands Compete, It’s All Good News for Contractors & Their Customers

Today, Ecobee announced the early May launch of Ecobee4. The Ecobee4 is expected to include a built-in microphone and speaker that offers Amazon Alexa integration right on the device. Ecobee3 already works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant but requires an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

With a sleeker look and other enhancements not yet announced, Ecobee is raising the bar for their competition–not just in FABS (features and benefits), they are discounting the Ecobee3 in advance of the launch. But who is really winning? Contractors and customers are right now!

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Earth Day Reminds All Of Us To Be Part Of The Solution

Earth Day is April 22nd. This is the day that people from countries all across the globe will recognize that, collectively, we can all do our part to grow a healthier, more efficient and sustainable world.

The first Earth Day was petitioned by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and declared in 1970. Worried that issues as important as our environment were not being addressed in politics or by the media, he conceived this day to bring recognition to the careless attitudes towards it.

Small Changes in HVAC Can Have a Big Impact on Energy Savings

More than 50% of our combined energy use comes from HVAC systems. Poorly maintained or outdated HVAC accounts for the greatest amount of wasted energy in the world. The Energy Alliance Group reports that every year in our country alone, 30% of the $200 billion spent on commercial utility bills is wasted through inefficient heating and cooling systems.* To put this in perspective…what we waste in a single year is enough to heat and cool a small country for lifetime. And, that doesn’t even include residential systems.

Federal and state regulations have demanded manufacturers of HVAC systems design them to operate at higher efficiencies. And, they have answered that call! Couple that with automated system controls – like programmable, smart and learning thermostats – and these efficiencies will significantly contribute to creating a better environment.

Though some changes may seem slight at first, when we cooperate collectively, the results can be huge. Jackson Systems celebrates Earth Day with a vow to our contractor customers to continue to do our part by offering the innovative products that will help them reduce the environmental impact their customers make.

This week, in recognition of Earth Day, Jackson System talks about two great thermostats that are proven to save energy. Both are the only thermostats endorsed by Energy Star as the most efficient controls for residential energy efficiency.

Nest Learning Thermostat
Programs itself. Then pays for itself.
Nest learns the temperature you like when you’re home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It controls half your energy bill – more than appliances, more than electronics.

ecobee3 Wi-Fi Smart Stat
When customers bring home the ecobee4, they save an average of 23% annually on heating and cooling costs.

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Jackson Systems’ Dual Fuel, Lead Lag and Twinning Controls: Unique HVAC Solutions for Unique HVAC Problems!

Our tagline “Controls Done Right” are not just words; they are solutions! And our HVAC solutions have grown greatly in recent years.

HVAC is more sophisticated than any contractor could have imagined even 20 years ago. Contractors now rely on Jackson Systems’ products to provide a large range of system solutions. Here are 3 such Jackson Systems’ products that can help alleviate some common HVAC headaches:

Dual Fuel Kit
A dual-fuel system allows for the use of a gas furnace as the backup or auxiliary heat with a heat pump system.  Jackson Systems’ Dual Fuel Kit can be used with heat pumps/fossil fuel systems having up to four stages of heating and two stages of cooling. Outdoor thermostat included for low balance control point.

Lead/Lag Controller
Jackson Systems’ Lead/Lag Controller offers true, two-stage lead-lag control designed to balance the operating run time between two redundant systems. When used with HVAC equipment, the controller can be used in conjunction with our Twinning Kit to bring on both units with a multi-stage thermostat.  Jackson Systems’ Lead/Lag Controller helps reduce equipment maintenance and wear in a variety of applications.

Universal Twinning/Paralleling Kit
Jackson Systems’ Twinning Control panel is designed to allow a single thermostat to control two separate HVAC units (can also be expanded to control a total of four HVAC units). Numerous installation options are available, including multi-unit upstaging and lead-lag, when used with our Lead/Lag Controller.

Jackson Systems remains a leader in HVAC product innovations. To learn more about these products, visit us or call us at 888-652-9663. We can help you solve some of your most difficult HVAC problems.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

It’s that time of year when the furnace kicks on and off constantly to try to maintain the set temperature. It’s also a time when more of them will malfunction. Make sure your customers are protected with #COdetectors.

Carbon monoxide is such a dangerous threat because it is odorless, colorless and it’s deadly…and you can’t tell whether or not it’s leaking into living or work spaces until sometimes it is too late.

States are passing specific carbon monoxide detector legislation for buildings. Duct mounted carbon monoxide detectors provides early detection of carbon monoxide in air  moving through the hvac duct supply, return, or both in commercial and industrial building.

Duct mounted versions of CO detectors are extremely effective because they sample the air at the supply and/ or return. In the event dangerous levels of CO are detected, they shut down the system to prevent the spread of harmful gas to building’s occupied spaces.

Learn more about our CO detectors, including this Duct Mounted Carbon Monoxide Detector Kit with Sectional Sampling Tubes and Remote Accessory.

Many other options available. Call your Jackson Systems representative today for more information. 888-652-9663