Month: April 2017

When Brands Compete, It’s All Good News for Contractors & Their Customers

Today, Ecobee announced the early May launch of Ecobee4. The Ecobee4 is expected to include a built-in microphone and speaker that offers Amazon Alexa integration right on the device. Ecobee3 already works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant but requires an Amazon Echo smart speaker. With a sleeker look and other enhancements not yet announced, Ecobee […]

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

It’s that time of year when the furnace kicks on and off constantly to try to maintain the set temperature. It’s also a time when more of them will malfunction. Make sure your customers are protected with #COdetectors. Carbon monoxide is such a dangerous threat because it is odorless, colorless and it’s deadly…and you can’t […]