Month: April 2014

New Honeywell Talking Thermostat

The new Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 universal thermostat with voice control features voice activated recognition and control, allowing the temperature setting to be adjusted in the home by talking to the thermostat. This thermostat uses “Far-Field Voice Technology”, so it recognizes voice commands from across the room, even in a busy home. With the same great […]

12 Technical Rules of Thumb for Installing Zoning

1. In most cases, it will not be necessary to modify duct sizing when installing a zoning system. 2. It is a good practice to size the smallest zone to handle approximately 25% of the system CFM. 3. Never undersize the ductwork. 4. Upsizing registers in the smallest zone to the next larger size should […]

Zoning Selling Tips

1. Look for finished basements, add-on rooms or other additions where comfort may be a problem 2. Ask homeowners if there are particular areas in the home that are too hot or too cold. 3. If the homeowner is seeking a second system for their home, zoning may be a more cost effective option. 4. […]

New E-Commerce Site Makes Ordering Easier

We recently updated the look and navigation of our Web site to make it easier to find the great products you are searching for. A large part of this upgrade was improvements to our online ordering system. The new E-commerce tool is easier to use and contains more information about your account. With the new […]