Month: March 2014

Future Workforce Concerns

At a conference in Baltimore, Steve Coscia engaged an audience of mostly college instructors about the future of the workforce. He shared an interesting research study from Bryant & Stratton College and and Wakefield Research focused on soft skills in the workforce. These soft skills include communication, teamwork, attitude and problem solving. Steve recently shared […]

Settlement Agreement Reached in Regional Standards Lawsuit

The HVAC industry has been dealing with regional standards legislation for the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment. This battle has been waged for over 5 years now with some hope of resolution with this new settlement agreement. Awaiting court approval, this settlement agreement would vacate the regional furnace efficiency standards and restart the rulemaking […]

Greg McAfee to Host HVAC Business Boot Camp

If Greg McAfee can do it…in Dayton, Ohio, you can too! Greg made an investment of $274.00 and worked to become the leading HVAC service provider in an area that’s been deemed one of the ten worst places to do business in the United States, Dayton, Ohio. Learn how he went from his humbling beginnings to […]