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Smart Thermostat Sales on the Rise

The News recently reported that the smart thermostat market is projected to reach $1.4 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2020. With the increase in retailers selling these thermostats, there is clearly a huge opportunity for HVAC contractors to take their share. It can be a tough sell to some homeowners who really don’t understand the value a smart thermostat can bring to their comfort and the energy savings they can afford.

Last year, we published two maintenance agreements offering a “connected” package. This highest level of the agreements allow HVAC contractors to offer a smart thermostat with their top service agreement. Below is a link to one of the maintenance agreements. It can be customized with your contact information, logo and pricing. Feel free to download it. Here’s to spring and increased profits.

Maintenance Agreement

Best Practices for eNewsletters

The eNewsletter is an excellent engagement tool for small businesses to interact with their customers and prospects. Here are some tips on making the most of these campaigns:

1. It all starts with the subject line.
Be specific enough so your readers know what the newsletter is about, but don’t get mired in the dull. Be creative to show your businesses personality.

2. Take the opportunity to educate your audience.
Don’t just sell or promote. Provide tips or ideas to your audience. This establishes you as a trusted expert. Sure it’s ok to include a promotional offer or share a new product, but the bulk of the content should be educational.

3. People like pictures.
Visuals make your newsletter more engaging to the reader. They also reinforce the content in your newsletter. You can find many sites that offer free or low cost photos and illustrations or you can snap your own.

4. Keep it simple with one primary call to action.
If you asked your reader to do multiple tasks to respond to you, you decrease the rate of response. Have a simple call to action message inviting your readers to engage with you.

5. Finally, test your newsletter on a regular basis.
Each time you send a newsletter, you have the opportunity to measure the responses. What are your readers engaging with the most? The least? Use this information to tailor future newsletters to get the most bang for your buck.

There are many email newsletter services available online at varying degrees of cost. These services are particularly nice for measuring results. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and Mashable are just a few of these services. They also offer tips and ideas on improving your newsletter effectiveness. Happy writing!

AHRI Releases December 2013 Shipment Data

AHRIAHRI recently released the December 2013 data on U.S. shipments of heating and cooling equipment. For December 2013, warm air furnaces are up 17.4%, driven by gas furnaces. Oil furnace shipments are down for this time period. YTD warm air furnaces are up 16.0%. Air conditioning and heat pump shipments were also up for December at 8.2% combined. YTD these units are up 9.9% driven by a 16% increase in heat pump shipments. Click here for the full report: AHRI Shipment Data.

HVAC Business Boot Camp Open for Registration

build-your-businessIf Greg McAfee can do it…in Dayton, Ohio, you can too! Greg made an investment of $274.00 and worked to become the leading HVAC service provider in an area that’s been deemed one of the ten worst places to do business in the United States, Dayton, Ohio. Learn how he went from his humbling beginnings to a growing multi-million dollar company.

And now, Former Marine Greg McAfee and his Team are ready to share their knowledge, systems and quality practices with HVAC Business Owners and managers. There is an early bird discount for registrations made by February 14. Click here for more information or to register: HVAC Business Boot Camp

Little Known Facts About Snow

Since much of the country is buried in it, I thought I would research interesting facts about snow. Here is a list of some things you may not know about this cold, slippery stuff. Enjoy!

  • All snowflakes have 6 sides.
  • People buy more cakes, cookies and candies than any other food when a blizzard is forecast
  • Chionophobia is a fear of snow.
  • The average snowflake falls at a speed of 3.1 miles per hour.
  • Snow is actually colorless. Light absorption gives snow its white appearance.
  • An average snowflake is made of 180 billion molecules of water.
  • A blizzard occurs when you cannot see more than a 1/4 of a mile, the winds are 35 miles an hour or more and the storm lasts for at least 3 hours. If all 3 are not met, it is just a snowstorm.

Stay safe and keep warm!